The New Today Of Me.

The New Today Of Me.

Often time the reel comes and reveal itself, like an astonish appearance daring the inner spirit in me. There are moment of awesome, one that fear not rather contain the act of suggesting to him that he’s not welcome in my fruitful world.

Sometimes, I belief everyone has a day of his own surprise to surprises himself, I maybe wrong it does in fact happen. When you’re held to the realities of tomorrow that one can change and influence, without having to look back at people rag-got, move on like lion , as if the end is never at sight. And I know, it’s better in such moment to be alone contemplating of the new one, rather inhaling rashes that make one regretting, maybe one is right maybe not; thought it’s often said than done, to leave material possession, of every event in ones life as a début of magical experience that just begin and I’ll continues to unfold.

The strength is so unluckily wide open, to seize a human opportunity that comes fresh, as if the time has suddenly refuse to fight against itself desiring lover, that offer his friendship. I could be wrong! this are moment one need not to be asking the why, to know the reason….just reasonable meditated what one was doing and going through, that make the impossible possible, work along with life with steadfast; next with personal prayer of fulfilment in one mastering mother tongue of praises, thanks and praise will help seal the unconscious, and make it conscious. It was a chance that is very hard this days to think of except if one is reel very close to the word…………that express one feeling and in need of the desire.

This is when thing begin, to rain some sort of blessings, one start to develop growth of self, relief of false and fake knowledge of one, see no more what people think about or consider it no more, negative or positive never mind, let it be secondary, be positive. Many time it’s one light, don’t let nor allow nobody to abuse it, be one self and self alone to listen to, never mind the mainstream grade get or gabby, it I’ll not produce any effect of contradiction to contradict.

What one must do, is to consider the entire span of doubt that was passing it eternity, And for me, I fraction them and take hold, of the good aspect with no regret and the bad I leave, say my time has come that is the truly examine of the love conscience of the truly me. Today, as I enter the company of the boldness I behold, there near the universe beauty line it fast without sight of distant end.

The endless value is the range that is left to accomplish the gifted second chance in life. Make a move and set the condition with turf resolution, stand by and communicate with it everyday. This is the work of the memory that is spiritual like the religion in everyone of us. The moment there is ‘LOVE’ in it, don’t mind what will people say, they’re no better than any animals. Than for a just of fraction of time, because, they have the materialistic means that at one time or the order they could produce the edge.

This is me, of a new today.


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