Diplomatic source of TWO-African brothers in an Africa Restaurant debate not knowing that I was directly one of the opium.
From here, I wonder, if we Yoruba from Nigeria, still had Journalist that engaged in any brainstorming investigated military trans-cross-border Neighbouring assessment of geopolitical power between brothers.

Not just the ordinary “OWAMBE” my people comes to ILE-IFe ancestral visit of giggle and tut tatted kind, but a truly ascertained of brother loyalty.

The Gothic long ago in history, knows how to dance the soap opera to influence the mind of their Saxon brothers. In a worrying echo of his brother’s isolation, the blinds were pulled down, our brothers influence of this historical approach on Cold-War must be tested ….so he can claims to be part of us and how well, without such confidence or security openness; we must be able to knows that our victories at home in any war time depend from our …. settler from the abroad border of sensitive mind paused and it adventure long enough to …… looked into like the Anglo-Saxon and Gothic history for their own national identity safety.

In case of WAR! Yoruba land will be like Ukraine Republic of today, and I Pray from some kind of military geopolitical study of our Neighbourhood. Yoruba Traditional Rulers and Politic are not doing enough Church and Pentecostal has to much-enter into the device tools of the former respect.

Just saying my own from simple observation, as a good Yoruba mindful of my father land and what is on ground as diplomacy and zone of influence, we’ve open-up via Obasanjo, and all our ‘yarnsh’ is widely expose, to any time bomb and I beg to be wrong!

Yoruba land could be this nice summary of a Friend and brother that Culled from Stephen K. Dieseruvwe, in his Re: Ukraine here there is a lot of Yoruba Republic of Benin and our border base in Ogun state because of Oil, which recently is causes a friction test for Yoruba.

RE: Ukraine: Crimean legislators vote to join Russia – PUNCH, MARCH 6, 2014 BY BBC
The ethnic Russians who make up the majority in Crimea Region have the right like other Ukrainians to decide their faith, as to the direction they want to look to. So let us see how this plays out and see those who will say they do not have the right to decide their future. We are watching closely.

My view is nothing than trying to understand what can happen and will happen.
The European will likely do the same thing the preparation is in place close to the very heart of our Race.

They’ll likely do the same thing in Tonji a Yoruba board between Egba Abeokuta and Benin Republic soon because of Petrol. I wonder why we Yoruba or Nigeria are never weary of the champion of fake Nigeria those who do are in Power from Obasanjo to Jonathan…………ask yourself why it that Francois Hollande the French President was among the only few first class world power President to grace the occasion of our 100 year centenary celebration.? Just a question as Internet Social Media Q&A plus been an observer a good citizen journalism of the new media followers. In Nigeria, nobody ask not even our journalist pose the question and make a link of what geopolitical interest. We Yoruba has been sleeping and making to sleep for long in the Nigeria policy equation as the one to pay the prix of the “Peau cassé” held responsible for all that are not going well in Nigeria, and since fear has catch it grip to will our goodwill for obvious reasons. Those, who knows play it douse plat me i play you no be palaver.

The Photo finish below here will buttress my argument and the Asari Dokubo, escapade lately to the Republic of Benin, make me to assess the ancestral cleavage of yesterday between we the Yoruba and the King of Abomey, same tactic………………….I’m doing this so that the spirit we should allow to talk and speak to us we Yoruba’s. “Ile ati Ile A pinu oo” , if one see Napolean Bonaparte, shadow in the middle of war be prepare like Saxo and Vikings there will be no brotherhood and Sisterhood when the time comes it either victory or defeat.


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