Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced he and his deputy William Ruto will be taking a 20-percent pay cut and ministers’ salaries will be reduced by 10 percent in a bid to rein in the country’s soaring public wage bill.

The pay cuts will take place “with immediate effect,” Kenyatta said in a speech on Friday, adding that the current spending levels were unsustainable.

The government will also limit foreign travel to only the most essential trips, according to Kenyatta. “Wastage in my government will be significantly reduced,” he said.

“We are spending 400 billion shillings ($4.6 billion, 3.3 billion euros) every year paying salaries; it leaves us only from our own resources a figure of 200 billion shillings to transform Kenya,” Kenyatta said.

“This is why we are saying that is the ratio which is not sustainable… We need to deal with this monster if we are to develop this nation.”

MPs last year reluctantly took a 40-percent pay cut, bringing their monthly pay checks down to around 532,000 shillings ($6,100, 4,400 euros).

The lawmakers had initially voted to give themselves a pay rise, sparking protests from activists, before agreeing to accept the salary reduction ordered by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission in return for other benefits.


There must be an economy correlation relation between price inflation, demand and supply of all political office job seekers. It must obey this law of simplification, indexation and take home salary.

The only way to discourage corruption is to associate it with price value performance of this social factor of economy management of political factor of Production and social.

Here the Kenya President action Uhuru Kenyatta is an application of this coefficient of multiplication of factor and value.

Merci! merci! Here the good sense of Africans spirit of economy trust, factor of common sense of neighbourhood love and interpretation of factors, use merit of evaluation, pay and price ,and how good it’s integrally implicit into any economic meaningful planning and policies… on how this meaning take it rightful source of equal productivity into account, meant at equate action of political, social , welfare as factors that merit production measure and implication of such into the creation of wealth and it remuneration be economically value at it just value and in-accordance with what the laws of demand and supply can take into consideration, in is fully working interpretation of economy sphere elaboration is fine associate here.
Here the ratio is well taking care off by adding some empirical factors which as variable is already taking care of- like the security of job…privilege associate with it and the ratio and nature type of job and inflation etc. Here one can easily, give thank to Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta junior, it is a decision of an economy maxims simplification of the multipliers factor than even the effect of symbolism. It the law of the market price of all Political job seekers and it must have price indexation value in relationship to the quality of service render, demand and supply etc. This I know will have a very large effect and discourage the high evaluation of Politicians and Political office jobs seeker. Moreover, political office must be inflation wise and a correlation of other agents of our social actors of economy factors.The idea must be encourage and added to route agenda of those 498 Nigerian ask to go into the milk committee of the Nigeria National Conference as one of the dialectic topic of reform of the Nigeria federation.


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