To be national and Conference.

There must an Exist: Which I call and Refer to as the “COMORBILITY” or call it “COMORBIDITY”

The following alliance of workable understandings, despite all the phantomatics (psychosomatics) or whether we understand the recurring existential philosophical conundrums and paradoxes … of ‘GRAGRA’ theorist and purist from the following geopolitical sphere; as agreement of working understanding be prior in form of accord concordat, has to be agreed-upon and seal in-fine preamble. If we want Nigeria to move ahead and be regarded as free and independent. The Entire South, Middle Belt and North Central of KOGI and KWARRA, has a date with history to influence the historical nature-of Africa and the Self Determination of Esteem to the Whole World.

But If we fail by those Selected to Represent the following geopolitical zone. They will have to be preparing for the second death of Africa and Nigeria.

The People of the Middle Belt, Kwarra and Kogi of the North Central have to prove to their people of their human nature and humanity with the entire South. We have to join voices with one another, and together free ourselves from the political sandwich which is the Nigeria federation of today, as presently constituted with a corporate identity, if not we will ever continue to struggle. Now, we have a choice, be free from the apron of Fulani/ Hausa, a friend, brothers and killers, since some has decided to path with them. And decided to form an alliance with a slave master marriage, that turn killers and kidnappers of their brain and mentality.

This is our own problem and victory. But if we want to be free and gain self liberation. We’ve an opportunity to make the wrong right at the National Conference of Sovereign Ethnic Nationality of the Nigeria Federation.

Personally, I’ll be very observing and watchful, how we Southerners and Africans are robust in negotiation?, not given out easily nor frailty and conscientious of society burden, it importance and the sociology factors that this require, for its self determination. And how the different groups, are able to interacts and internecine with one another.? Let me hope, we the Yoruba’s are not going there without some redoubtable groups of individual selected to be fine negotiators of some vital points in the Yoruba Agenda without flirting with the destiny of our People.

Even, if it will means, coming back home empty handed but with honourable conclusive debate, to come home and ask the whole South-West Yoruba, populace to pronounce on the issue of Yoruba, delegate refusal to opposed the signatory of a non satisfactorily agreement on the issue of true ideal of Federalism and the devolution of power to all the constituent autonomy Region, that will comes out of the Confab- rather than be home with a decision, that will be rejected by the Yoruba. Because it is far from the Yoruba central agenda, to be part of the continuity of the present Nigeria. On a personal note I’ll prefer, they come back home with nothing; and report to our people with the aim to organize a popular consultation of the People of the Region, in a Popular Referendum of the Entire Yoruba Race. This point wish I noticed was obviously missing in the final summary of the Yoruba Agenda.

Better never be Part of a bad decision of compromise than be compromise of a bad decision, in which we will never be free. If we path with bad compromise. While we refuse the majority sovereign view to express ourselves, in this important generation existentialism of our Race and human concern, we will be consider a failure and sell out of the people sovereign right.

Every Part of Nigeria, knows where the shoe are paining them, whether they want to continue-with the present commonwealth of Fulani / Hausa and British or be a group of race with potential human characteristics, self esteem, capable of decision of the future ( the minimum requirement to be regarded as human ), to be consider as man and human. This is the time to prove that we can think, take decision for ourselves and appropriate our common senses, so as to stop, blaming others and ourselves. It’s time for justice of self esteem and determination without any determinism of influence and manipulation from out side.

But if we fail! then the result we all know. It will be more than the dancing, singing, kissing, hug and rapping, as if this is the only thing we know to do. It will be sexual Raping of nature and hypocrisy of the Afro-Africans world. We Nigerians, has date with our history, to secure the indelible, the truly self and independent of our soul-not wrapped but free by ourselves ‘THE FIRST’ the theory of the first Africans in-puts- it is a choice for freedom not WAR or under duress.


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