In every work of life, the economy of consultancy is the sector that progress, strive and grow the economy push it to it 7% average growth since the past 20 years.

And it is the most criminal free, branch of activities with substantial economy of scale, as it prone corruption, people and crime as it outsourcing, elements factors of production………..;a system that criminalise crime and society as it expanding resources to acquire wealth.

See, this photo-image, will tell us to what extend we’re going in the puritanism of the Nigerian society………………..the diagnostic, is that there can be no more going back except a revolution to seat the separation of the federal republic of Nigeria as the most objectives action.

This show the level of mental development and socialization, among we Nigerians and the children’s of the ruling class in Nigeria. There is no hunt and shame, in the level of humanity in them. Though after the stolen and corruption of their fathers and mothers, pocketing of the resources of the whole of Nigerians, educated free in the best Nigerians school not all quietly intelligent; half de facto close to the level of illiteracy and absence scholar brilliance and good society socialization, been subject to blockade of dogs and gate heavy door closed with wire.
They’ll are packed moved to abroad to received the most costly, expensive and wealthy education from MITH, HARVARD , PRINCETON, OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE and LONDON SCHOOL of ECONOMY etc, not quite able to context and enter into the best university here in Nigeria, returns to Nigeria, with the limited expansion quark mixture not even with best whites inventive minded students, comes home with this limit scope of what they thought is replicable; copy conform back in Nigeria, now to do same horribly organisation of how administration, should be run or done to assure a semblance equity of all Nigerians equal before the law and to gainful employment.
While they themselves are not in anyway employable but because Mama and Papa, had stolen enough of money from our treasury can even created any gainful production outlet all in their 99,9% whether in the science and technology field came to Nigeria to set -up a one room consultancy service to sell form for federal state government employment jobs, that did not exist first of all. In the first instant, they criminalize the whole of our workable system and value asked all the candidates with limit of unit of form to issue and corrupt the processes, in Nigeria in every work of life you’ll find expert of consultancy, from religion, marriage, birth and death, public toilet, “danfo” transport, toll gate to the swampy of Ajegunle and mushin Garky and Abuja, Religion of the Bible? Islamic and professional consultancy in IFA, Marriage Separation, homosexual brothels, consultancy ranging from call girls and call boys, to terrorist group consultancy from Boko-Haram, Mend, OPC , Bakassi boys, Arewa Nation Elders Consultancy, the Bridge boy Water Security Consultancy of oil pipe-line in the creek of the Niger-Delta etc.
In Nigeria, we now consult for every aspect of our life to live even to cloth put “TIRO” lipstick shading and shade for make-up or eye pencil for beautification.
In fact, this is just the brief of the day to day consultancy life in Nigeria, without talking of consultancy to dancing, singing, preaching of all sorts of Religion, Islam, Christianity and traditional religion. The economy growth of this enterprises outlets, is the sector that experience the highest progression of development in Nigeria, this past 20 years plus human organs bodies commerce of selling and buying consultancy etc. This is the realities of the daily life of an average Nigerians, in our society of contracting and political consultancy of the organisation functional of the Nigeria Republic, the administrative function, politic of structure and management in Nigeria.
All aspect of our life, has being outsourcing to the private sector, semi-private and public… in anyway there is not even a border of division all is done in a confused way, without identification of individual level of responsibility and who do what in the society.?
The Pledge of a good generation of mine, the one after and coming, are tore up into a steady crime and confused. So, the attract to move out of the society, on the mission of self collective organised slavery of the 21st century, trekking from Nigeria via the sahel-sahara to the border of Morocco and Algeria to Spain and Italy in the Mediterranean sea of the Gibraltar death trap sea zone that is consuming yearly millions of able Afro-Africans bodies. Let us give thanks to nature that allow sea animals fish to feed with Afro-Africans organs.

The most refreshing example of memory, is in Nigeria sport Sector…….. I’ll like a good educated journalist of investigation to go and conduct a good editorial informative edition on this area of Nigeria, how come our good sector system of sports detection, has been to caprice of people with dubious characters and zero knowledge of sports, given back to the wind the charlatan, whims and Caprice School of Private Academy School and Managers to run, artificially inflicted cost of running implicitly introduced corruption and discourage the most able physically and mentally children’s of the poor. We can go on and on; on the bad effect of copy conform of Western industrialized formula of capitalist well develop nation system, that is sociological impossible to work for now at least in Nigeria. Because, of our level of development, that give way for much of leakages and desirous of performances etc. We need to rethink and think properly, with the like of Gen. Henry Adefiwope, former performed military sport Minister, will be the type of man we required as Consultancy in sports or the kind that is needed.


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