Going by the uncertainty period of great doubt. Sometimes we learn and there are moment the grip of renunciation came in as the lazy incurable. Maybe, we are fashion and created to experience those intense moment to appreciate is ever we realize what it take to have a moment of self glorification.

The vehicle of escape is infinitely, small to regret and time pass like we dream all of excellency to do well the result, however if it good we no more think of the past, there we move as never the one almost putting the hammer of blame renounce. Oh we man never knew how good it is to be in the searchlight of praise and also how nice a moment of doubt allow us to appreciate the good in solitude.

Never verify is a weakness we don’t know , because we like to rigged realities pretending the contrary ro un shamelessly to look, whichever we we chose to go, there is one one thing man can end to lie to one self,hiding on the surface of what is not and will never with perform query or the relation of the realities.

Thy will is assumed when one can be able to look himself in the mirror, see somes those reason we fail and some of the many effort we put in to survive, all both two it is the same reason, we survive and continue to expect, hope , dream and looking towards a bright future, out of the pit comes the sudden realities, like a pick that make one unawares of his capacities. This which make that summer song I’ll survive on of the echo, that encourage , ensure all in the distress, a shyb of an end. Everyone, knows he can not shy away from the template terror of his face. Quietly, maybe we never experience a day of great fortune, still see we can be alone and not alway laughing,haha! an accident non previsible could be a better remind, how effortless it is to hide lie to oneself- vigorous step that life require of us and the discipline.

No matter, the end result life is life the tic tac of it either is the zigzagging puzzle the end and the absence of remise en cause, could be the early symptoms, that man let alone, we never understand. ……………………


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