THE “KOLANUT FOR THE ANTI-SYSTEM…………………….Just an analogy of the world analogram.

THE “KOLANUT FOR THE ANTI-SYSTEM…………………….Just an analogy of the world analograms.

NEVER SMELL OR LET FEEL YOU’RE ANTI. Simulation of Statistics.


Be not attracted to it. The “ONCE D’OR” is time bomb. Never will it be enough. Once there and discover the level of pottage of the ounce of gold, the leakages any man against justice, equality, equity and freedom, you’re in the anti-corruption, anti-system of democracy and the vice established of the regulators of the New world Order, once you will lose one life immunity. You can ‘jugular’ to feel you escape adversity or not concern.

More to it, watch no matter who you’re and how small you seems to be feeling we are you add-up to the mass. Then condemnable elements of it tranquil co-existence of the world single corporatist or corporation. It is planetary. It is either you’re ask to be like them, use of your capital possibility, helped you to be somebody to help them without knowing.

Then you’re, who you wanted to be the same like those whom you’re fighting. The system is planetary and not easy to go against…………………….etc. Sometimes, better never to have penetrate, be strong never be weak. The simple gold and the prestige of it could and will be a simple cancerous time bomb to die.

We breathe but shut the GUN already day one. What if we’re the blank to my blank? Would it need to know what we’re referring to by the meaning “blank”. Blank stare.

Stay clear of it you be told by the second thought.


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