Republicans Wrong Again: Sanctions Force Putin To Call Obama and Propose Settlement

So often, the USA and it fumes allies propagation shout victory so fast and quick machinery agents of brainstorming and brainwashing of information, that always goes in one direction of victory at all cost news. There is no any diplomatic relic wisdom in it at all or at need. The perimeter within which they operated is full of picture painted lies like the Libyan Arab winter or the Iraq destruction by the same USA. Put a proposer in written is a diplomatic missive between two country to talk. Let put issue, where it context is, RUSSIA, was not the first to cause the crisis in Ukraine the West did with their unusual and unexplained support, with indirect and direct financial support. But fail woefully, to organised the after support that in Ukraine almost 40% of it population are direct Russians and another 20% of this same population are issue of intermarriage link, thereby giving even Russia or origin Russe an edge to any other ethnic equation in this country.
In the vein of a man and the Yankee, the bias is in the American’s mind, the principle, is simple, it’s the USA, the melting-pot of the Universe. A loosely Nation, without any spirit of natural and cultural inclination that has a social and sociology meaning. All what we can hear is the expression, one can hear is power and victory where there was no one except with loaded via money and economy pancakes victory.
But on the bottomless, there is something they always miss the substances of after event. Those that real blinked first to Russia, reaction are the US and it Western allies seeing, the rapidity, with which Russia, manage without crying and given to unnecessary campaign of media reporting of fake Fox, NBC, CNN and BBC, western news, take advantage of what democracy give as legitimate consult the people in the autonomy region that constituted of Ukraine before the uprising revolt to tell the West to hell, a compromising situation for Russia, turn plebiscite into a pure advantage by using the same Western propagandist theory democracy in process, to bring about fairness to this world becloud America, and surprises more than one.
They can stay in the White house to settle some issue of the world. But they can stay,there in Washington and administer the world problems from there alone, with drone, satellite cable to resolve and settle alone the universe problems, they either have no more the means nor the power financially, despite been the winner of the cool war. Despite, coming out winner, let us ask ourselves has the world been more secured or unsecured…………………………..the answer will be more of insecure.


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