The religion separation from politic as dogma of state politic doctrine, be a chart that will be sign in a new world order to promote civilization at level of global planet.

Are we sure they all killed this people or they’re been confined in a line-up beach menace.? Because seeing this picture, if it is so there is a problem in the kind social religion and ethnic in this world.

The problem will be purely Religion, if is and we need to psychologically prepare to challenge this global deviant global force of spiritual morality of our society. This problem and it relationship with Politic, in a modern state be enshrine in a kind of world manifest chart at the scope of world relationship, a tool of unity or ideology , this the new world order, be possible and make sure it is separation from politic and the people: as instrument of  doctrine.  Which is a matter of human survival because of it machinery of human terrorist control, dogma of ideology propagation under-state control.

The sociology construction of the world and it welfare social and political, can not and must not place religion as adjustment of state control doctrine; a clear need to watch this problem that is now becoming a phenomenon that is eating into an axe of our human intolerance and eat deep into our animalism savage, that bums our human relationship, be globally check and plane at the scale of a world global agenda.


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  1. Whether we like or not the following world new order, that will be the next institution to assure world civilization relationship, must include the chart sign by all recognize state. The relation between religion and social politic and the people.


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