In this Morning Sermon Of Our Holy Hommel. Our Order of Today Sunday Mass,, will be taking from the beautiful soft-touch binding, ideal as a Christening , Muslims and Ifa Spiritualist……………..;;;;;when receiving our First Communion Gift today to Bear in Mind all The unfitted and Fitted Good or Bad News That Has Characterize the Life of co-Citizenry Of Nigeria, the long weeks.

I Implore the Almighty Of All GOD of Worship To Put in Mind As Reminder the Following Incidence in Our Nation.

– Nigeria – largest Economy in Africa.
– Nigeria – one of The Poorest Nation In The World.
– Nigeria – One Of The Most Corrupt Nation In The World
– Nigeria In War With Themselves Boko-Haram Government Versus Abuja Government.
– Nigerians – Dead In Million For Jobs Application Recruitment In Stadium All Over The Nation.
– Nigerians – That Adopted Air As Mean Of Public Transportation And Auto-Commuters.
– Nigeria – The Most Religious Nation Of The World.
– Nigeria – The Highest Growing Industry Of BABY Factories Of The World.

When you Pray Today Remember those Nigerians , that lives with less than $1 per day and still very happy and resilient to violent, this Nigerians need a special prayer of all of us.

We all Know that most of Nigerians in our majority understand what is called a rebased of Base GDP is and the econometric implication that it implies in our social day-to-day going and coming of life; in the accuracy of statistical data a calculation steps which will enable for economy development of all our basic primary human and static social and infrastructural deficit. Here we will exalt GOD to please allow us to have time and human means to look succinctly on all the aspect of human life. Health, Education, Security, Road construction and constructible, Housing Building of Estate low-cost for the low and middle class etc.

Concretely, we will also implore GOD to put a heart and brain not only on Paper and school work on all the graded upper class of Nigeria, needless to speak a language so well, but in practical unable to apply it at work or any good to show for it.

Finally, we must result to a spiritual pleadings. To have better head and mind in all place to impact a new ways to interject into moving train of constructive arguments. On how to use our rebased GDP for the “Betterment” of the public, to avoid been tagged ‘IDIOT’S’ illiteracy or illiterate Educated fools, that has nothing to say, with their low bar and fine English highest diploma, we can still see we the just observers, the tenet of their acute illiteracy. “The illiterate of the future can also be those who can read and write. It will be the person who does not know how to learn” it is people like you that Nigeria needs to worry about not the corrupt leaders, but people like you are irredeemable, your act of illiteracy is deeply rooted to bacon mugged brain.


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