Nigeria=largest Economy in Africa. Hurray

A Friends Post Culled On The Ongoing Nigeria been The Largest Economy in Africa Debate Tunji Timi Tola  TTT
We should not kid ourselves, because the econometrics as far as Nigeria is concerned stays on the shelf till it becomes stale.  We have been down this road several times through SAP, Vision 20/20, Perspective Plan, etc. If econometrics is the  application of statistical methods to the study of economic data and problems, the Nigerian nation have never exceeded the data point, and I say this with all authority, based on resource my co provided the country way back in 1992. The implementers went numb or to sleep at the point of data.It has been said that the richest place on earth is the cemetery, because that is where you have buried a lot of people who dreamed to be billionaires from most innovative ideas yet unlaunched, but went all, to the grave with those unfulfilled wishes, some fulfilled but wished they could have done more before their demise. Nigeria’s situation fits that, the exception here is that the dreamers of the ideas that supposed to take Nigeria to utopian economic status are still living, of course, walking-dead in their own illusions, and with shame which they refused to accept only with some bold face, yet the haunted by the ghosts of their failures.

GDP without stable electricity is like the ghost of development haunting GEJ, ghost of hunger terrorising the populace who have been cheated out of basic life’s necessity. Nigerian govt never stop gloating over accolades and some unrealistic statistics from external agencies.

Did I hear someone say that when the masses do not have anything else to eat, they will turn to eat the corrupt politicians who have choplate (apologies to Giringori) the money needed for development, therefore, impoverishing the already endangered masses.


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