Yoruba says, “KOKORO TIN JE NI-INU ARA ENI N’WA”. ( The Pathology Germ that is the cause of a sickness must be inside of man) Is like the “the key is in-Self rejoined”



None among Nigerians, has gone all the while enough into the deep root of the “TIMING” bomb responsible to the near future generalize conflict that must involved all Nigerians, whether we like it or not-be it Catholic to Pentecostal Christian, Muslims of the type Wahhabism Sunnah of Arabian Peninsula or the Mollas Sunniest of the kind of Sallafist Lebanon and IRANIAN, blood tasty of Human sacrifice or whether we are IFA Priests and believers of the Africa Peace Pacifist Spiritualist and the world Mainstream Homo-Libertine Free World thinkers of humans, the life style free world of equality of lives for all between breathing human and same justice no matter how noble one is place in the society “HIGH or LOW”, we will one day comes to the realities to confront this evil and fight it to the last of our bloods we Nigerians. The BOKO-HARAM..religion madness.

Then the like of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Iran with their satellites neighbouring Nation and friends in Nigeria, must paid for the nasty incursion in our space geo- localization of a Free world and expression, that is not negotiable of Freedom; Equality and Justice Society devoid of any religion influence in our political expression. Until we make them to understand this the Emirs no matter how Emirs they may be; Sokoto, Kano, Borno, Adamawa, Ilorin and down to Lagos and Abuja etc.. and their hopeless conferees Islamic Yorubas and some South Easterners and South-South, converties realize the need for a peaceful transition of the-soul believe in accordance to the Nigerian, system of a circular modern society or be ready to face the menace of a free for all WAR to stop their anarchist medieval society believe and outdated ideology in Nigeria.



Your idea as summarize below is well articulated and understandable even to we the must clueless to comprehend the issue of the final resolve and how it must be fight and fought. Hence; we all be good for nothing than the returning to once gain colonize by the most risible doctrine of backwardness and human retardness ideology of the past ages.Femi Fani Kayode, whether we like, hate and love him…………we must as Nigerians or Africans give a keen thought to this his subtle analysis that is the fact and the probable scenario to come and he stand tall among his peers.

There are some leaders in Nigeria, backed by Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Al Shabab and emboldened by Arab money and salifist philosophies, that honestly believe that if Nigeria is not ruled by a northern muslim then there must be no peace or there must be no Nigeria at all. Whether we like to admit it or not this is the bitter truth.

As far as they are concerned it would be better to establish a pre-historic islamic fundamentalist state, like the old Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, where full sharia law is practised and where Boko Haram leads and holds sway, than to have a modern-day secularist Nigerian state where a southern or northern christian or a moderate muslim rules.

The underlying philosophy is that some were ”born to rule” and if ”they” cannot rule then they will use ”their” religion and ”their” considerable financial and political arsenal to ”make Nigeria ungovernable”. This is evil and we must resist it. I can never support such an agenda, such a philosophy or such people because as far as I am concerned they are of the devil.

Those that think like that and that espouse such views are worse than the white supremacist Boers of South Africa during the days of apartheid and they are worse than than the fascists of Nazi Germany under Hitler. I believe, and I have always believed, that if Nigeria is to remain one then ALL her ethnic nationalities must be treated as equals, no matter how big or how small, and that the secularity of the state must be preserved.

This in all is powerful and we all be battle ready as Nigerians to fight it and fight ourselves by standing to say enough or break and do away with the present Nigerian Federation of the impossible to live together.


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