GATES Bill The Unseen and the Unknown Agenda.

We have been inundated with claims and reports over the past few years on who the sponsors of the Boko Haram insurgent group are. While some have accused the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as using the bloody sect as a covert operation for its interest in Nigeria, others have accused Saudi Arabia, France and even a former president of being the financial backers of the insurgents group.

Well, another strong accusation has been made by a group,  The Global Prolife Alliance (GPA) Council. The group identified American billionaire, Bill Gates as a major foreign sponsor of the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria’s North East region.

Speaking with journalists in Owerri, the chairman of the GPA, Dr. Philip Njemanze disclosed that Gates and Monsanto were sponsoring the insurgency in the region using their biotechnology companies.

gates dangote

According to him, the major aim of the insurgency was to capture the food security of Nigeria and control Africa’s largest nation by population and economy, adding that this could only be possible by fighting to displace the indigenous farmers in the country and replace them with Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs corporate farms in the North East food basket region of Nigeria.

Njemanze, revealed that the name Boko Haram was only used as a cover-up in the terrorism attacks, saying that the actual perpetrators were hired assassins and mercenaries by the Blackwater (also called Xe-Service, and now Academi) private army owned by Gates and Mosanto.

He disclosed that Blackwater which was purchased in 2009, “began the recruitment of former child soldiers from Liberia and Sierra-Leone of what remained of Charles Taylor’s army in Liberia” and trained them in Ougadougou in Burkina Faso despite the ban of the company by President Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia.

Google search results for "Bill gates Vaccines Reduce Population"

The GPA chief added that the Liberians and Sierra-Leoneans were brought to Nigeria as ECOMOG boys to fight as Boko Haram.

He stated that the assignment of the insurgents was to displace the farmers in the North East and create fall in the agricultural production of the country as well as to compel the federal government to adopt large farms that grow Bill Gates /Monsanto GMOs crops to feed the nation.

With this strategy, he said that such staple food as rice, cassava, maize, sorghum, millet would be replaced by Gates/Monsanto variants, thereby effectively surrendering the food security for the over 170 million Nigerians to them.

“The volume production of these GMOs crops will come at lower prices than that of the organic food grown elsewhere in Nigeria and they will price out of the market the conventional organic foods, leaving the Bill Gates/Monsanto crops the dominant crops for food in Nigeria”.

Njemanze also raised an alarm about the high technology approaches used by Gates in executing the terrorism plan.

According to him, Gates’ recent interview in Daily Trust where he said he was quoted to have said “Bill Gates Foundation was carrying out satellite Remote Sensing of the North East area to study migration patterns of people” clearly supported the assertion of Global Prolife Alliance, adding that what that statement meant was that the Satellite images against the Nigerian law were being used as espionage in the state of emergency to identify military installations and how to evade and attack them.

He also attacked the electronic wallets (cell phones) given to farmers by Bill Gates through the federal ministry of agriculture to provide the farmers with agro-credits for fertilizer and GMO crops, describing it as wallets of death.

According to him, the offer was made and accepted in total disregard of the evidence presented by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that GMOs does not increase crop yields, but rather may lead to decrease in overall crop production, damage to fertile grounds and dangerous health risks were still being uncovered including cancers and other debilitating diseases.

With the cell phones which have Global Positioning System (GPS) device, he continued, the position of every farmer would be known to the Boko Haram insurgents, who he said use satellite images to know the location of the Joint Task Force (JTF) and then using the cell phones to track down the farmers.

The group called on the federal government of Nigeria to investigate Bill Gates activities in Nigeria and not to sweep the allegations under the carpets because according to Njemanze, the group had very strong evidence to support its claims.



GATES Bill The Unseen and the Unknown Agenda.

Could he not be the ideology behind the Boko-Haram radicalism?, there are many disturbing factors that militate to towards such nasty behaviors of a man though rich but never happy and satisfy.

As they’ all ran to him without examining and probe his physic. Though, billionaire and so what.? He feed me not and he remain a man like any man and anybody in the world.

His Personal look influence me not, having comes closed to him in 1986 in Paris does not impressed me neither his generous family business of humanitarians aids.

Going by his glass lenses and the white coming from his Satanism eye structure and look. One can easily remark that Bill Gate, is a man that is suffering from one thing unknown to himself his obsessional devilish transitional and transformation tragedy agenda of Population Control reduction thesis and theory for economic of growth.

Bill Gates, in the years past, has win the soul of many Nigerians and Africans of little faith via his Bill Gate Foundation. The like of little Nigerians, that obviously turn Sahara billionaires or over-popularly tagged by FORBES and the new socialite educated fellow Nigerians. The like for example of Aliko Dangote, Ngosi Okonji-Iweala and the New Nigeria Minister of Agriculture.Akinwumi Adesina, the agriculture Minister GMOs apologetic transformation of the Nigeria ago-industrial and nonindustrial sector are all recruit bands of the Bill Gates and the white horses of the West devil on the earthly scene Nigeria.

Therefore, the report whether it is a simple hand-out of finger point to the direction of Bill Gates or a fact finding must not be allow to become a letter death accusation. It must be pursuit to it decisive conclusion. Because, in many Bill forum, arguments and data use to back his evil agenda and crusade for great Population and food control, his head was always unable to sleep and rest whenever he point he’s nose and eye toward the Sahara and in direction of Nigeria, where he always play the doming dogs, but in the back engineer and finance the destruction by tiers role of weak horses Nigerians and some well known blood tasty US diplomats and Western representatives in Nigeria and their politic in Africa via some satellites weak countries in Africa, like Burkina Faso, Liberia, Chad, Niger, Mali,
Cameroon and now Ivory-Coast even Ghana..etc are example countries in Africa.


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    Southerners, Should Be Weary And Above Passion Politic Of Crocodile Tears.

    Away from Nigeria, does not make me less engaged and concerned to Nigeria issue. I’m deepen in the cause and the ongoing. Here I purposely keep mute to observed and keenly watched how this event are treated.

    Though with Mrs. Kemi Oluloye, many Nigerians facinados may find it difficult to give her credit whatsoever, she is more in line of what in the backdoor transpired in the DARK. One thing that one must be afraid as SOUTHERNERS is to give in to the feudal wise old tactic of Usman Dan Fodio, kind rebased intelligent of the GAMBARI HAUSA / FULANI medieval manipulation.

    Despite, the education advantage, now they’re using the same rudimental arm of passion to grab the more tweeted educated South. What we Nigerians, from the Sout, must now not wake-up to see, was seeing our sisters and mothers or known faces sisters of the sociality class forming a symbol of such passion politic for which the North enemies of Nigeria did not have.

    We’re now seeing our cherished Star Actresses, Stella Damasus, Mercy Johnson, Obry Ezekwesili and Femi Falana even some Pastors..etc, playing to the gallery politic of the NORTHERNERS diplomatic oligarchy, born-to- rule in Nigeria. We need to be very careful at the end if not we will be trapped once again like the YORUBA Mallam ALIMI the Aare Ona Kankan fo head of the Yoruba arm in ILORIN Kwara state in the ancient past centuries same method and strategy of total division and passion.

    Here Kemi Oluloyo, is saying the truth and inline with the truth and the truth must prevail so that we will not be the victim of political power struggle and naivety to the drunkenness of the NORTH manipulation in Nigeria.


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