The unknown Apart how we Nigerians are falling,

To unfriend someone, first go to that person’s, those kind of friendly eyes service is the best service US can do to Nigeria,to bring to certain the breaking down into pieces-the already scripted prophecy of 2015.

The Slave and slavery psychological effect of the Nigeria class of administrators both Politic, Administrators and Business class, was to have solemnly sublet Nigeria into the hand of USA and the USA astrologer witches and wizards associations, with super link to the Illumination and Pentecostal devil free church atomic bomb of the mind.

Without any objection and a collectives effort to collectively, with diacritical attitude gathered all security agents, seeing them coming out to brief Nigeria’s populace on the need for national and nation effort  requires, to ask we Nigerians to please come out to display our patriotism zeal towards the Nigerian federation.

All we see is nothing of such from all the million of educated Nigerians, from Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge and London school of Economy.

Sometimes, I moved into the silent night to humble in my quiet into waking up in the daylight to see such patriotism zeal like the ABIDJAN chain of resistance of the Ivorian during the tragic history of the civil war.

The Problems of Nigerians, is our Genuineness…“This above all: To thine own self be true and to our own be it any how.” Shakespeare, and above all we never mind to manifest as one corp ever since our 100 years of lives, sorrow and sadness of amalgamation

“We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path.” -– Paulo Coelho
Our reputation is so scratches, chips with bubble of negative blue, that it has almost becomes impossible to reposition without ourselves without infringing others hard to see with desperation, desire close to the rotten grotesque, and all we can do is talk and be unable to act. “At time I front myself before my reputation face, on why we struggles and fight in the past for Nigeria independence, that was never and will probably never-to be in the mix of people who will never care to know one another”.

In all we Nigerians, we were not sincere, and that fact that we were not; made us irresponsible with no “Genuineness” in our step, action, trust, love and solution. Which if we are, can be probe or comes out to be regarded genuine.

The Nigerians, self-centered uninformed attitude, triggered more irritation, to the worrisome “me and me alone”. Now, it’s very hard even with altruism to discern good from bad. This is the very bottomless heart of Nigerian states. What we really want we don’t know and this has constitute the main obstacle that make us a patriots Nigerians, that can fall for the nation. Though, we understand the why, that the drive for wealth, materialism and money, has taking over all our faculty motto of sound decision and the play it collective with pride, that engagement that allow for a simple going Nigerians to concentrate on the most essential of life-which is honour and merit.

Today, its so difficult, for any broad minded fellow Nigerian, to recognize the differences between one self perspectives and those that are of central interest to the struggles in building a national foundation worth to be proud of as Nigerians, the disruption and distant has created the edge for any Nigerians, to be engaged effectively for any cause that carries the national interest as goal.

Let us wait and welcome the US ability, as we narrowly given to yet another unknown slavery in Africa, due to our incapacities to be free and free forever.




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