What is the value we Nigerians, are ready to pay for our revolution towards western lifestyle and the brutal shifts and paradigms that encompassed such inconsiderate all shining bleach rush of our genetic corruption of the natural.? To what extent are we Africans, ready to push the resemblance to so as not to lost in the “rat race”?, of which brother Bob Marley and Fela Anikulapo Kuti, had respectively warned us.

Is it the value me included, of nails, skin bleaching, cosmetics, hair relaxers, wigs, weaves, eyelids, or books, food, reading and education..etc, the choice is ours especially those of us that has the means to choice between information formation or the entire journey of clubbing, dancing, yoga, body-building, men hair ring pitching hole and travelling copy conform of Nollywood -hollywood of escapism of Dubai desert filled of the dune emirate of the golf newly find Nigerian marriage Eldorado corrupt devalues of our rebased new lives.

De l’irréel à la realité le grande giant Nigeria, a dechue toute l’Afrique.

“l’envie est à l’envers du rêve de toute un continent”. La race de l’homme noir giant de l’or noir, de l’irréel à la politique de l’auto destruction au Nigeria. Etonnant de voir son incompétent capacité mise à mal, et de son incompréhension effroyable à l’égard du continent.

According, to the mental estimated study, I did personally in Paris, we Africans, has grown today, to spent more money on Fashion and the Saturday night outing spending, than what we spent on books and foods combined. While, we the men spent much-more, than we can avoid on sex and cars of all the material of the materials production of the society.

Let us take a look at the fraud economy of African-Nigerians,. At this stage one will think that Africans, especially Nigerians, will have a fashion-production sector, that will boost the Production outlets to produce all that he need to consumed and generate employment, in the items of beauty in the local market economy in Nigeria. Africa fashion, has been thrown to the whims and caprices of the dogs. We African therefore, spends all our money to create wealth and jobs for Asians, Europeans and Americans, whilst we witness unemployment and poverty, that is becoming the endemic destiny of the new economy of dependence of we the African people. Today, most african relationship are no more real, therefore is one that are unstable, because Africans women of today unlike of our mothers childhood days; would demand all from their partners to shoulder with the new habit spending that we can hardly avoid. To me, I know that we African, need some kind of mental revolution of self and a mental changes of lifestyle that will reflect, who we’re, must be and like to be of the mother transformational culture.

On our part, we Africans men, by whom all the fault  and shoulder implies, nonetheless, must come to term with the realities of the practical life and do aways with the effort that always aim to foot the bill scenario mentality, which our women has now resulted, throwing all the pride, natural beauty, culture and moral to the dogs, whom therefore, do we expect to bear, value, cherish and promote the natural beauty of the African women if not we?, and  the exceptional way of lifestyle of the race. We need to ask ourselves this questionable question. Sometimes, from little behavioral  character shift, comes the solution to our cancer of corruption of this “petit-choses” we may be inclined with conscience to return to the basic.

According to the Prophet Bob Marley, “We African need to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, yet we Africans we refuse to listen. Unless”, we change from slave to slave master, master of our destiny, we Africans , Nigeria inclusive, will always run away and abandon our simple responsibility.


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  1. Reblogged this on APTblog and commented:

    Fashion, must be the cultural mirror of the image christened of a people and race. The expression of which display the character and the attrait religion of an open minded culture, civilize and high classic sophisticated hospitable towards non same identity.
    This has been the image that we Yorubas an d the Yoruba Nation in Nigeria of today vehiculate throughout history till date.


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