Indication of news from the North and the Northerners behaviours in Nigeria as regarded human development and civilization, has always of such permanent conflict, and to me this should have been the basic for significant step by all the South to go into divorce with them and the born-to-rule touted sickness.

I had nothing before nor will I have after with any Northerners ,let the evil in them continue or discontinue will I ever has one relation. I’ll now and always pray the evil to Nigeria will continue to hunt them like Mohammed and Ali Baba who cares the virgin in heaven with no more memory of life……………………………..Chibok, abducted, Northern Arewa, Adamawa, Sokoto and Borno with Shettima and the Northerners Forum,in all tiers of governments, are all complice barbaric, of the most cruel sentimental and atypical in going to war with in the future to come.

The North, is a place where governors had been auctioning women and girls for sales and sold and nobody also has something human to say about all the inhuman behaviours in the name of Prophet Mohammed. Norway, can I be pain any more about the BORNO,  chibok girls abduction for century and since Nigeria, was amalgamated the NORTH , had always abducted under-age and sell them into religion marriage of marriage slave, which find it source and root from the KORAN-Muslim doctrine verses of practice in Nigeria.

Tired been portrayed, as animals and monkey just because of some apes that becomes human.‘Fear is everywhere:’ Boko Haram threat keeps abducted Nigerian girls’ village awake


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