The Tragedy of Madness And Politic in Nigeria

The random meaning of words and the meaningless of it all. When in today, image lives it has become a tragedy of our everyday, that we lived with without options. In the passing time, there is nothing more powerful in this world, than a relentless soul, knocking tirelessly on destiny’s door, refusing to take no for an answer… also helplessly unable.

As one can realize in my little contribution via image, that I hate citing people quotation. But this one is best to expressed on the word that I which to summarily presented as brief of many misused interpretation of it perceptions.

The French Philosopher Francois-Marie Arouet, better known as VOLTAIRE, was the one that asked the question and gave the definition. What is Madness.?   VOLTAIRE, who provided the answer as he defined, “Madness as a state where one is having an  erroneous perceptions and to reason correctly from them”. Ask ourselves did our Politicians in Nigeria, even had any erroneous perception, since they don’t think , talk less of reason, then how can they be held responsible for what they don’t do to have the correct answers.?

One can not have perception of an error, when he doesn’t think. Our Nigeria’s, Political leaders don’t before an issue so in-depth, and the absence of such in-depth is what we see in the reality surface of our everyday. This could be the reason all the human common tragedy accident, that are so senselessly, committed but could be avoid , that express of our behaviours, of madness, mental illness, sanity and the insane, that often resulted into  conflict of an exacerbate struggle just for two thing “MONEY and POWER”.

Now, to what extend can we continue to tolerate politicians, that willfully stirrings up the people emotions, and off we go to WAR, killing an enemy that is exactly like us, why with different perceptions than our obviously becoming the opposite target of our simple disagreement.

There will be no end to the troubles of states or of humanity itself, till philosophers become Kings in this world………………..according to Plato. Or let me belief, this will not be the true image of our world, as I’ll stick to the depths feeling idea of craziness, in the simple word of a friend Kendall F.Person, that it is the deep and richness of our wisdom, that will become the expression of love and kindness, that will see us through the surface image behaviours, against war, killings , power and money, that is the dominant of our expression of today.


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