Marauding history on both side Christians and Muslims



Marauding history on both side Christians and Muslims

The world, running on both Edge side of the sword line, there can be faith and worship without “LOVE” the degree of human creation. Men had to decide between evil and good. GOD or SATAN lives side by side Orisha-nla (Obatala) never
berate Olodunmare as the supreme Father that messaged him into the creation of life with ” IFE” in the land of “ILE-IFE”, Land of LOVE, which is the essence of any faith and worships to make choice between good and bad, life and death.

Of old “ILE-IFE”, according to we Ilaje in the pre-history after the half creation before the 3rd and 4th century of the Aboriginal “ORISANLA”( Obatala), that was ordained by Olodunmare (GOD) to create “IFE” life wish was done and later give souls life and living to his progenitors of OBATALA-later known as the “Igbo-Oreluere” (The Ilaje), Nago, was the first aborigines of the city of Ile-Ife, corrupted by the marauders from the East of the Nupe/Fulani and Yoruba -Oduduwa conquest to Anago and successively -Yoruba till date, were always people who show “LOVE” as the supreme edge of all faith.

Therefore, Christianity and Islamism is an;


Who is best in the Confucius of Gender Satan or Mohammed.?

Is this an ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE or a doctrine of theory to practical. The fruit of the labour with the sharing faith devil and Mohammed are co-same.? The two religion choice the most obvious with life, nor faith and worship, to go it servitude of self by the creation of human soul Saints, Imam and Emirs etc………………/CommonQuestionsOfANonMuslim_djvu.txt


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