Stop It If You Can

This is one of those sermon topic epistle of Sunday , that shaped and rehearched the heart of any truly unbelievers to belief. With no doubt it is faith without substance, those substance that enable one to behave like the understanding wise knowledge of wisdom. I like and love. Holy Grace at your Mercy give me the heart that will learn on you, your grace and glory.

Tim McClendon, you’re win to soul into believing. Merciful the words are availaible for those who search his kindness and love.

A Potter's View

I have been reflecting this morning on the Epistle text for this coming Sunday. The section is actually I Peter 2:1-10, but verse 1 connects, of course, with verse 2 so that’s my starting place. Verse 2 basically says, “Grow up!” as it literally says “… grow up in your salvation.” The primary method offered for growth comes before rather than after this verse. The first verse of the chapter says, “Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind.” If I did get rid of these things I would be a lot farther along in my understating and experience of salvation.

There’s a comedy sketch with Bob Newhart as a psychologist who says basically the same thing as I Peter 2:1. Please understand that I know that a lot of this sketch is insensitive to those who have very real mental health…

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