The North is not able.

The image of a sonnet federation of nobody’s land. The far North almost not thinking like an Africans black . But more of an arid Arabs blacks connive to bring such unholy shame to the entire Nigeria.

We are not one that we all know in Nigeria, but do not believes, we still house so many ‘apes’ among us………………………who only survive as man, only when they shed or drink from fellow human blood.

To them there are no way or single of it-but many ways of so many means, to expressed their evil plan unintelligible. We all can also share in this blame if need be. Or to some of us; we can also go more bit further and be roxyroser and bite harder than they thought.

But with what we share and don’t shares, in our differences, is that we respect and love human, but as it is, we can still a moment observe the civilization to cherish the obvious way to see issue and reaction, both we knew coexist. But both also requires planning and reason of it ultimate, one just don’t jump the fence, because everyone does, one need to examine his own organization, worth and capacities and those ready to share in the option.

For now, it will be unholy to says, come with me those believers of the absolute faith and love. The Saints of the South are saint born to suffer and suffer the pretense of poverty and must close it………………… it has never house the rise of the sun nor the set of it. He always, remains spectators that feel the action and have no way to any of it diction and influence.

In a day, he could be the lion of Judah, and be more irresistible indifference, in Ilaje-Yoruba land, a king was not supposed to be of age until he was eighteen. So that he can in the days, asserted on ‘WATER” that he had confronted “AIYELALA” the eloge of Manasseh, … Not one of his predecessors had seemed more irresistible than Esarhaddon, the most eagle of the ancient Nile River that long via the equator to the Atlantic. We knew, before hand that water has no permanent enemies neither friends.

He only use his diplomatic knowledge of been the divide between the sea and land. The book of Daniel, is where you’ll see, the “gap” between realities and prophecy, in the existence of the Church Age, the roughly 2000 year period of time between the first … the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. … It is no coincidence that the conflicts in these lands are the current focal … in the Aegean sea just west of the Asia Minor mainland, when the wave broad the south-west dawn the Atlantic floral, before he saw his vision………………..far of the sea distant, to never see them again until the present
hatred age of gain all and what………………………good night meeting you all in the
day light.


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