The Controversial Cheque Payment Of The SM underDogs Of The Holding Of Nigeria Federation Corporates By Politicians.

Stopping from laughing, as I knew that Nigeria problems is beyond human born of black Africans repair. I’m now looking on how to stop putting my wearable google glass to see how I can, solemnly provide for own limited immediate  direct family.

The one that is within my scope and resource need than wishing to put my nose where nothing of ever good will come. I hate been skimmed as total idiots and useless to grow child. Those who only wake-up to butter the rear bread of the daily dread. A times, it is even wise when I see some hopeless Africans men in Paris here, claiming to somebody parading themselves on the platform of a second zone TV, many who live life on the apron of some already married Africans women, while they’ll preferred to abandon their own-and goes for the easy fancy life more desirable, accommodating and presentable, though we know that the drawer stink with the unpresentable decor, to be under the feeding bottle more VIP walk side presentable woman,  and by  what sort illusion and greatness, they’ll go on parading and pretending themselves to represent Africa and it resting image.  This are some of the obvious men, the picture of the future Africa. While all are unable to cares effectively for their own, which they help to fashion and bring to the world.

Must I be given to such kind, who can not even manage it own house…………..talking to do same to more wider-scope of Africa. I dislike, to be limitless in scope with such men, that feel to be holy than the holier-henceforth, the possible decision, to  go for what I knew I can do, best and better care for myself self and mine alone. Yes I know , I can not live life and live it alone on this planet. But my wisdom, do not allow me, to compromise my proper own to the detriment of an innocent.

So, the time to back out and think on self is more, to me now, as I have never think to have influence anyone falsely into the belief of what one never belief himself.IMAGE NIGERIA IMAGE NIGERIA.jpg 1 IMAGE NIGERIA.jpg 2 IMAGE NIGERIA 4 IMAGE NIGERIA 5 IMAGE NIGERIA 6

In this corruption, corporates corporation of the federal republic of Nigeria, my  wish is to stay blemish and to render service with the hope of making changes possible, this hope has been total dashed with the like of youth parade, in this families photography, with the scene of joy and smiling, one is quick to realise that we are truly in Nigeria, where conscience is trade and negotiated everyday of our lives, what disturbs me since yesterday, the reason for no comment, is the heteroclite sociality of the group and ethnic appurtenances.

The rude and rudeness of corruption to what extend the virus is driving and drifting Nigeria to, I’m sure many of this youthful faces did not measure the risk of align with the kind of politicians and the characters, perceived by Nigerians, even their own influence they did not measure. Anyway, to stay doubtful-not-given-to the sensationalism this time of the great success of social media, without been a journalist myself and a lazy social media critics. Let me allow my first insist to guide me, and give the time to read from them their own defense  of the rumour of in-take-input of N5,000,000 volume-value current rate of the Nigeria Naira by all the vuvuzela social media webs journalist critic of the rotten system of Nigeria.

While, waiting to read with convincing argument from the like; of Soni Akoji, Japheth J Omojuwa, Jasper Azuatalam, Kelechi Jeff Eme, Petra Akinti, Onyegbule Kelechi Deca, Femi Adeoya of SkytrendNews, Preye Aganab,. Theresa Ugwuanyi, Disu Adeyemi Yesufu, Danjuma Azemobo Musa, Oviebor Okeh Goodluck, Eba Okorodudu White, Mercy Ugo, Uche Igwe, Victoria Ohaeri-Ibezim and Bukky Hassan. Though, some of the name here are not unfamiliar with such lack in integrity………………….but Soni Akoji, Theresa Ugwauanyi, Danjuma Azemobo Musa, Omojuwa J. Japhet my own and Kelchi Deca need more than to defend.

But the like of  United Kingdom  of Tokunbo Aremodua, and the United States, Susan Henshaw, are living folks not easily giving to them say…………..I seize this opportunity to wish all my friends on the SM and partners a more peaceful and prospering weekend.





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