Mr. GOODLUCK, ‘na I beg I dey Beg’, show compassion on the Boko-Haramist, political puzzle.


Please, let all who are identical go there way in peace this is what can serve this worldwide shameless image of a cruel black-Africans-we are not cruel many were of high value added and sophisticated and human taste for hospitality and labor with sweet to lay a durable foundation.

My Yorubaness, from the YORUBA NATION, a race and tribe with high value for lives and the respect for those who are not same and part of us, is no more to be prove. Yes we’d have love to be in same giant Nigeria were competition to move in into our space growth and development were the music of the day, so as to be proud that we are Africans and showcase our love “IFE” as the name implies from our cradle city of all Proudly-Yoruba born of the king into the Kingdom of “ORUNMILA” BABAWA NI ORUN OLUWA WA ( the one we Yoruba call OLORUN-GOD) by the TWO Saint of Saints “OBATALA and ODUDUWA” creator of Earth and the earthly city of love which is “IFE in ILE-IFE” the city of “LOVE”…………….this is some of our heavenly traits from Earth and it is a divine heritage, that need to be show apart, and which need not be mess up and miss with human whose capacity of growth and development from animal age to humans, are lower to the mentality close to the last developed of being from the “apes” age to the present bestiary carnivores.

All we saying, is a peaceful breakaway, from the present federation of all multiculturalism of Nationality of the federal republic of Nigeria. There is no hope to be candid with ourselves, let us buried ourselves face and let the devil be ashamed. We as Africans, cannot manage obviously, such too big giant of Africa, I don’t want to be giant and finish like the biblical giant analogy to the Davidson history.

The viral series of same unpleasant picture of sous-develop being, does not allow for a visionary development with sound mind, in the absence of an enchanting hope, we will only wish is to go and bear our natural name with the super-natural that will follow UN we are begging to please come with the Nation patriotic love to check the BERLIN agreement of force boundaries of disparate of Nations in Africa with all that is only same by color, which has nothing to be together and relief many the burden of carrying this eternal pleas………………as advertise everyday in the life of we Africans born and those yet unborn generation.

We are crying, because there is no way this can be possible, if the 85% of the rest of world populating, will continue laugh us and see us not good evolution and human therapy solution of love,…………….then only then, while we remain in the planned for which those before us without our conscientious, have put us all together-in-with no view of our value system-all we need, is to ask them….USA, BRITAIN and FRANCE and the inclusive of the never colonialist power like RUSSIA and CHINA to go back to BERLIN the newly reunited GERMANY of the world division, to come back after all the centuries of human pursuit of sight, which make our own to remain blind, if sense, to come and chat a new impulse to relief us from the heavy speck, so that we can go and remove the plank of SALT and SAND, that has been deliberately dump into our “GARI” we need peace, so sing Mr. KUKU, my great brother singer and writer.

Na beg we they beg the world, at least we can even see with the US drone, and despite all Satellites directed towards in all our city in Africa by Western nations they can not spot any missing 243 Chiboks girls missing or is Nigeria, future as truly, be in the beast of the New United State of African glass Google as tweeted by the US Political Pastors of the anti-LOVE and Illuminati prophecy of the end of Nigeria in 2015…….this will be a discrimination against of all known and acceptable knowledge of any truly evolved inspiring value system of human unfailing by nature, that deviant all agreed human accord and agreement.
Though, I know, I’ll die one day I never hope never to one-day that will not, that will not be a merit of civilization and the acceptable civilization of  a world first class nation as prone by the aficionado of all melting pot Yankee free world.


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