Waking Up this early Morning,
I’ll Open  Gate Floor Of The Door Of My Grace and I’ll Bless Says Our Father Of Creation.
It was exactly 04:51AM, just having some work on desk to wrapped and cleared for  the debut month of JUNE 14 en fanfare. I opened my Gmail electric address page, guess whom I met.? I meet Tolu OGUNLESI, asking me to Shut Up and Fly feat. ( Diezani Alison-Madueke), on Buni TV, what I did was to get up-shut-Up and Fly with Tolu, this famous Monday the 2nd of June 2014, early morning wake-up before my Cup Of Coffee drug intake. @Tolu Ogunlesi, thou Grace impact that morning, I hope and pray will no more and never be the same also that of mine. In the perceived perspectives that, that Shut Up And Fly , has taking to host his implanted spirit software’s, that track in the wave streaming of the viral online traffic ads marketing the partnership by which-through a device of “SHORTCUT” system , that the system helped me to drive into my page few hours later, I can’t imagine how the spirit of a glorious days mystery of thy heaven Grace of the unseen world work it strengthen that open the heaven cloudy door of grains value of the theory of multiplication factors, like in the exegesis of the Bible world. Suddenly, the released of the factorial variables of the code answer of the GODLY multiplication formula-to a call me to – go seat on those table.
Ordinarily, when I open my page, everyday in the cloud under-world. I can’t imagine to remembered, which days I was able to go through all or any of the many messages there. There use to be too many that I never bordered myself, doing such click in down the day sometimes, if it was one or two colleagues of mine, people that we normally struggle day in day out, to make end meet, they’ll sometimes call me directly to informed me about a pending mail they’ve sent to me. Tolu Ogunlesi, to cut matter short, not to SHOCKING anyone that day was a special day, as I stop just by your platform door widely open at your door page-never will it be the same again. I also, pray for you in the TURN-AROUND of the Viral gate of blessing and the effect of our GOD the Father word of multiplication, that we are one day call to, be part of, you’ll be call by the voice of a divine blessing to work more in the cloud of the unseen faith with the head of the throne granting us his AMEN.
Thank you @ Tolu Ogunlesi,  with regards to Shut UP And Fly, my greatest and warmest greeting. Oh Happy days to come and I Pray it will come our way in almighty name of our Glorious Father of Creation Amen.

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