Bushel of Apples

Juju Films

Bushel of Apples

Kaduna State Nigeria | JujuFilms.tv

#Nigeria #Kaduna #JujuFilms

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  1. Yes! Jujufilm, it is human , peaceful and spiritual with a code of good behavioral characters of attitude that link LOVE with LIFE, from our ancestral ancestor and must be blood free as require by ODO-IFA …..in the IFA religion. It is punishable when a man search beyond the acceptable non defensible by Grace, this is why it was allow to seek the wisdom of Babalawo when a man lack the knowledge or become his default.

    The impression that IFA which is the child of IFE-love was associated to both the LIGHT and Dark and that the later took advantage of the former must be dismiss. Because of the reason of the power that this prophets of IFA religion weird in Heavenly adaptation decision, desire and adaptation power on earth and the use of this power by some in search of the element of the prohibit only to commit that which is the reason why human must avoid transgress the boarder of light.

    The word IFE-LOVE is the constraint that man must lives in light to gain faith over Darkness if IFA religion of the Yoruba……………, this is the condition final to be in harmony with the nature and the natural Grace in everyday life of every individual on earth. This is our link instruction from Heaven on Earth the primarily adhesion of our belief system on the planet.


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