Why I am not a Christian

For I have Comfort in the follower-ship of the Word, Peace and Love and declare yet to be to receive same , So shall it be even @Opinionatedman, y shall receive his visitation also in meekness and peace love same shall be your portion.


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  1. @Opinionatedman, If loving you was a crime I don’t wanna be. Apology to Mrs. Millie Jackson.

    Just re”plying for My Follower-ship of the word.
    @Opiinionatedman, Pagan also is a faith followers they belief in nothing or at best worship idols faithless of any kind. Do you know that despite my Christian IFA believers still mingle with them everyday. For we judge not for not to be judge. And my Christian-ship, doctrine is is very meek if you take time to seek y first and learn from him, by taking his Yoke upon you, he is gentle, lowly in heart to score spoils of wound as you did this morning. He will eventual give those lost wandering in the garden of perdition, souls that requires a Rest. Make hes to turn to his side you’ll find peace and y will he happy.

    My faith is strong this is why I never denies any man’s faith before Him-But he who denies, the faith of my Father in heaven of the spiritualism supreme of the Word before men I’ll denies before our Father of Creation. Opinionatedman, today, I declare you before our Father apt to receive the visitation of the holy spirit of Fellowship of our Father for y shall henceforth, belief and do the will of thy Father, so shall it be forever and ever Amen.

    For thee shall have no, more option to transgress the opinion of Christ and be heel from perdition and y shall tomorrow declare him your love and be proclaim righteous in his Glory and by his Grace nothing shall comes forth to separate thee from the Love of thy Father, neither height, breath, neither darkness in the lower beneath or the deep above.

    @Opinionatedman, my father forgive, y shall are welcome of y type of many kinds shall no more resist till the world none of shall resist the father……………….this is his word of our Father to you.
    Thanks be to Jesus our Lord. Y shall be strengthen and strong.


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