CULLED from Cheer brother Page @ Bunmi Ayeye-Olorundare;

How Can the Journey of our Separation be carried out without living much blood to the animals blood tasty of the North-Black Arabian Persian Africans of Fulani-Arabs and Hausa-Oduduwa progenitors of the Northerners Nigeria. and the Southerners Picture Of KWA-YOBA(Yoruba and Oduduwa AND The BANTU of KUMONI plus IGBO-NRI and EFA-Binis of Edo including all the mixture of it all Urhobo, Isoko, Calabar,, Effik and Itsekiri and partv of Igala and Idoma etc……with out another WAR………………………………Guess?


Now that we’ve been told by the NORTH Northerners, that cutting one head with cutlass, digging hole, line-up human in group of so many eyes to see.

Showing how passionate not compassion it is the refreshment an entertainment industry of men that worth it peer and peers among other meek and meekness, instead the usual talkative with no ending South.

This passion merit some medals of National honor, like the honor Great Order of the Commander of the Niger-Nigeria ( GOCNN )

Great will be thy Act, as we all look like “moll” from the East the” IGBO-Yanmirin with their brother CALABAR-IBIBIO the national servant house cook” of Nigeria and from the South fisher man of the DELTA , that include the “EDO-BENIN traders of Sex-Shop star non stopping with the “IJAW-AYANMANABO idlest with their docile COUSIN URHOBOS-WADO”, and the West, YOBA with the mysterious mixture of “OBATALA-ORUNMILA and our ARABS mixture of ODUDUWA, spiritualism of the “IFA” addicted “YORUBA-OWAMBE” lazy tweeted talk-talking tribes.

Always eternally, reason but never go beyond barking. We all from the dichotomy of the Southerners KWA-BANTU mixture, looked of same hatred.. While the Federation Of Fulani Persians black Arabs and the ODUDUWA-Barber Arabs of Hausa, continue to killed and main-maid our people because of history and their love for blood worship.

As for me any attack on my person. That Person? I’ll not spare and he’ll go and be use as sacrifice and be pounded like pounded “YAM”, like we use to pound. “Afi Gun ‘Iyan’ wahahi”?…………..this is trilogy-picture, taking from , a piece from the Yoruba historical trilogy book in OGBOJU ODE NINU-IRUNMOLE the Yoruba literature trilogy the one and only one thriller of Yoruba, world classic literature history trilogy, a piece of the most penciled memory of the pilgrimage journey to the forest of thousand Demons to meet and appease the GOODIES.

This is where lies the trilogy of our future history to come the separation de corp of the unfriendly Nation of People with common without any commons.


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