• Former minister: I will speak at appropriate time

By Onyebuchi Ezigbo
The All Progressives Congress (APC) has said it is not true that two of its prominent leaders, former Borno State Governor, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff,  and Chief Tom Ikimi, were on their way out of the party in protest of the outcome of last weekend’s national convention.

The duo was reported to have expressed discontent over the way the substantive national officers emerged during the party’s convention in Abuja, threatening to leave the party.

But THISDAY gathered that the point of disagreement between Sheriff and other power brokers in the party was his interest in heading the Board of Trustees  (BoT) which would soon be constituted.
A source confirmed to THISDAY that the BoT positions had been shared out as part of the horse trading that went with the zoning of party offices before the just concluded convention.

However, the National Publicity Secretary of APC, Alhaji Lai Muhammed, who reacted to the alleged move, said nothing known to the party leadership suggested that Ikimi and Sheriff were  harboring any ill-feeling.

“That is mere speculation. They are strong men of our party, that will not be enough reason for them to leave the party, I can assure you.

“The leadership has already set in motion plans to reach out to all aggrieved persons. I know that the  party chairman, Chief John Odigie Oyegun, is busy reaching out to everybody,” he said.

An aide of Oyegun also confirmed that the chairman had been busy holding consultations to ensure that all aggrieved leaders  are reached  before the formal inauguration of the new executives.

When THISDAY tried to get Ikimi to comment on the matter yesterday, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs said he was disposed to discussing the issue.

He said he was still putting together a statement which would be made public at the appropriated time.
“I have told you I am not speaking on the issue now. I am working on a statement, when it is ready, I will let you know, “ he said.
Similarly, efforts made to get the former governor of Borno State to state his own position was not successful as his telephone line could not go through.


Reply by Pius

The Brutus of the Nigeria Republic.

A Moral song of Paean or simple Political Proselytism of Tom Ikimi

One thing I hate about Politic and the Nigerians Politicians, is our laziness to confront issue when it is still possible and necessary, here lies my ills against all men and Politicians that change Political Party like they turn their suits, slip and women at will. This shows one thing without exception no matter their qualification, stand, pedigree and awareness show of integrity on issue bothering national stand of statesmanship. The absolute lack of purpose, principle and self esteem for whatever and whomever they’re hoping to be.

The travesty and prostitution in any Social group and Political rank is a show of weakness and absence of resolute conviction of self. This holy quality is required when trying to deal with men and the degree of compromise play and concession for selfless service to serve.

But in the contrary of been hope to be perceive honesty, by the people alone and never be publicly pronounce or perceived as so, without a personal self underground work of people adhesion, of public notoriety or realization of work on national interest, all effort no matter,how the decibel sounding and sharp chips-in, is just one that will be equivalent to the failing spiral of the system, we are laboring to correct, that is drifting and leading to fail us.

The mere mentioned by some Nigerians, of their background and academic statute as prior to an astute measure of value and over-valued, in a sordid naturally blessed environment like ours-which humanly was deprived by such and such generations of no added value suggest our total incapacitate to add the value of our professionalism and qualification require to lead nobody in an advance nation or one call to be one.

The reason, why sometimes, I picked on people like Mr. Alex Ekweme, on their Architecture aura, which has no single design of work for visionary related contribution of the geographical urbanization and economy growth and the evolution of Nigeria and their immediately environment, to show case to the public is like the failure of all Nigeria legal luminary called lawyers and barristers, who has never been exceptional to stand beside the right justice and the truth, that the pitiable theorist of Justice Akinjide, Coker and Majekodunmi, in their fight for relevance’s in an irrelevant decision to torpid squirrel, the reel standing, by polishing a cooked and crooked justice and interpretation of the law .

They always arrogate to themselves the addition of years spent to required education written theory knowledge and memorized authors, but the practical work is nowhere to be consulted in the pantheon of the Nigeria institute foundation. Oh ! how generous can we Nigerians, be instead of the more doctored work and tailored standard, painted and managed like those of the creatives and inventive’s fellow of the professionals-hardcore, apprenticeship, the like of carpenters, dramatist, theater, literature play writers, fiction and poetry and transport drivers genius, of their class, but his kind drat, in his absence flagrant of national design of summation and impressionist valuer-the decor is just as empty as the whole political space. Though, it may not diminish the value of self-over-esteem, it also , contribute to ‘nether’ than the nagging boulevard of emptiness, with no work to show, of our seriousness and resolve.

This always end up to the normal lacunae in proof of performances and result. Also, in politic the capacities to stay put and fight from the inner, the view and conviction which we all believes is right will never be express until one is defeated and comes out to fine tune in written his capacity of nuisance and abrupt, when in actual facts he’ll have been use to fight to make his belief and conviction known and hard before.

This always show, how men in this part of the global, reason and act, as equal to nothing than self and excel only when they, now object of rejection and in becoming useless…………..who now will bear the brunt for them, than their eternal pilgrimage of the wilderness, of luggage and baggage packing for another crusade, of yet a new adventure of holy in the wilderness to the unknown. Please, in politic leaves no trust, at will to any man, who knows the rush of ads and pubs display, of the point of like, love and put in place postures and picture of ‘saint father’ of the Roman Catholic saint, so weak in secret of persecution and unable to act as his own hand work has been stained by his own sexual pedophilia secret act of proselytism, the attitude that if reveal is against the object and substance of the invisible moral. Tom Ikimi, go and ask Brutus in Caesar Republic, Caesar had declared himself dictator of Rome, thus abolishing the Republic. Brutus and others thought that by assassinating him, they could restore the …the right and right the wrong……………… who was the wrong I ask?


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