Not because Fayosi, from Ekiti , was returned to the office as governor of Ekiti State, just because of the unsaid, unseen interpretation and implication of the future accident to come. The end of the fortunate, unfortunate Jonathan regime. More…

In Frustration Of What I Knew Was A “BIG’ Political Error and A Declaration of WAR to We Yoruba in Ekiti State With A Planetary Slap By The Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Led Government Of the Northern Political Party Platform the PDP

I deliberately, decided not to watch the Nigeria versus Bosnia world cup game of the ongoing world cup tournament in Brazil. In solidarity to all my Yoruba ancestors who had paid a huge price for the kind of MISERABLE democracy that was display yesterday in Ekiti State, which was a direct rascal game play by Jonathan and some selected military forces of the Nigeria Army with a certain level of thuggery and terrorism.

The Jonathan led government had come this 21st of June 2014, to assassinate democracy and throw just the needle thorn into his leg. If I had to use the metaphor of his ethnic IJAW double standard games of Politic in Nigeria. HABA! Yoruba, what is happening to us; I recounted the uncountable, and the unbearable sacrifice, for such unknown, from nowhere and one of the most visible ethnic “collobo” supporter from the South of the politic of Hausa/Fulani hegemony in Nigeria of yesterday, from the 1st Republic till now, what is our trouble in this WAR of Ijaw, Igbo and Hausa/Fulani slapping us this way directly in our face, from here I could no more bear the grudged that I had against this holy born idiots Jonathan.

Now, I knew from the Cradle something vital had gone, done and wrongly committed; if bear? then how can we explained such name as sacrifice, to see and witness the kind of stacked display of the most abrupt power with a direct violent and violation of right pointed to us Yoruba, while we remain silent, docile and COWARD forever, as they use to call us in Nigeria………………..then and then!

The wounds are too many to count YORUBA………………but the question with who and whom can we act.? In the face and memory of all this Late Chief Akintola, Late Gen. Adekunle FAJUYI, Late Mama Fela KUTI, Late Icon Chief O. AWOLOWO, Dr. Tai SOLARIN, Late Chief A. AJASIN, Late ADEJOBI, Mr. D. GIWA, Brig. BAJO, Chief late G. FAWEHINMI, Late Chief M. ABIOLA, Late B. IGE…………..etc. Even Prof Wole Soyinka, thank GOD he is a living witness, someone who sacrifice for us to have democracy, and such miserable democracy, going and coming from house to Prison on a number of countless times…..for just an unknown from nowhere Jonathan, and we will allow him to continue to terrorize , we the Yoruba in Nigeria with flagrant display of ABSOLUTISM.

This is when, I know we will have to align and form with the same Hausa/Fulani the stable majority rule that Nigeria need to be a stable and United Nation. GAMBAR/ YORUBA, must unite to flush this puppet minority rule out of Nigeria. It is the only alliance that is meaningful today in Nigeria and that Bola TINUBU and APC has a reason for that. My self I’m Christian…………….let any Yoruba comes out who did not have a Muslim as uncle, cousin or by marriage comes out to tell me how or friends in Yoruba land.


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