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What If we let it count as a call for the legalization of corruption and seduction wrongly in Nigeria.? Leading to crime and higher insecurity of the Nigeria society, behaviorist that are largely contributor to the “THEME” of our total destruction and seductive into robbery and crime be LAW prohibit in Nigeria with severe penalties of punishment attached to.

Such kind of IMAGE is a call to high criminality’s open and watch our ear Nigerians , this is where Religion and faith begin. Let us be part of the restrict of the devastation of our anti nihilism, and with pugnacity condemn those image photo revelation of our sickness and the incurable endemic of the Nigeria societies, the paroxysm and parody of our self destruction must be stop now.

Ain’t nobody any more with moral, religion and humanism feelings in the NEW today of the Republic Value of the Federation of Nigeria or are we all now bent and prone to intellectual terrorism siren of our class of all administrators and politicians.?

Is it still possible the incurable to receive the appropriate treatment of the “WELFARE” policy of social, politic policy of economic human theory , that will make politic the art of it contradiction and factor the social contract as once the work of all past theorist like John LOCKE HOBBES and ROUSSEAU..the theory of social contract can still aim towards it letter of nobles moral value of which politic was ask to manage, which in return gave birth to democracy. If not ask yourself why the ‘ELECTS’., it it to grant them the privilege of do-and-undo of the “fait of prince”, if so we need not to have politicians let us therefore all live by the LAW of the most powerful and physically endow and I belief by that we are going to render nature it noble self.

But is our selfless greed was to have in mind that this theory has it place in the assurance of putting in place a more structure, protective and guarantor of civil liberty, freedom and act of accountability of one ‘fait and gesture’, therefore we must do that which allow for the equity of process and the application of the concept of social contract theory is that in the beginning man lived in the human society … By the first pact of unions, of different people, and therefore sought the protection of their lives and property. …. the government are identical but Rousseau makes a distinction between the two.

In Rousseau dynamic of definition of the social contract relation ship, which he said is between an individual and a commune-communion of same interest, this fact of social contract is no more a historical fact but a hypothetical construction of reason………. with the invention of property; which he said constitutes the recipes of humanity’s ‘fall from grace’ out of the State of Nature, where now we all agrees that we surrendered our rights not to a single individual but to the community as a whole which Rousseau termed as ‘general will’, if this still the case in the type of democracy and it notion that we still preached in our public place and state structure in Nigeria, then there are something wrong which inevitably require an urgent correction if not the equation of relation between two factor of same value of X and Y will and is erroneous from it basic foundation of root. As illustration of same constants.

Therefore, the original ‘freedom, happiness, equality and liberty’ which
existed in primitive societies prior to the social contract was lost in the modern civilization, social contract and now by the ongoing we need to redefine the society to be free-from- the crunches -of parasites to-no- governing society, where the social contract does not exist and will not need to exist if it was to protect few to the detriment of the majority.

Through, the Social Contract, was supposed to be a new form of social organisation- the state was formed to assure and guarantee rights, liberties, freedom and equality. Which initially, was the essence of the Rousseau’s theory of General Will is that State and Law were the
product of General Will of the people. State and the Laws are made by it and if the government and laws do not conform to ‘general will’, they would be discarded. While the individual parts with his natural rights, in return he gets civil liberties such as freedom of speech, equality, assembly, but all these tailored and doctored theory are now on phase terminal of incurable diagnosis of the malediction of the Nigeria, society which now require and need an approach directly more radical and confrontational to any existent theory that we Nigeria must invent to response to an unknown epidemic; which is only adaptable to the Nigeria society in today context.

A country where 50 billion dollars can be allow to evaporated by a government in power rule by PDP of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to WIN Election in the most educated State called the “Fountain of Knowledge” in Nigeria!, oh! erudite Professors and teachers don’t teach me nonsense, thanks to late Fela Anikulapo KUTI school thought and philosophy. The Nigeria shool system only bread voyeurism as class of administrator a typical example is our present President not even able like me; Ekiti -State, a state where an former convict awaiting judgment for corruption, was allow Governor, not yet clear to contest even the election to that state governor office and the majority of Nigerians , sees nothing wrong………..oh universality, where are you that utopia belief of general interest that reign supreme it cultish?, which is the expression of the people general volunteer, was allow to be throw to the DOG…………..then actually, the social contract should be invariable be regarded as “CADUC” with no valid interpretation all must now be a violent free-for-all , society where the abrupt abruptly with all he has in a lawlessness society of the law of the jungle we no more need any body to paid by the people to be in government.

It should now be everyone for himself and each for nobody as the society is free and free for all. Our social contract is broken so I personally,  appeal to Nigerians , to-do-what you want we are free. If you’re a high way criminals do it with more sophistication go for the real people you all know here they lives those who make life en simple unbearable. Let us be honest with ourselves, folks this is the new contract it has been on for too long in Nigeria, we did not know go the supreme court of Nigeria , kill all of them start from there Boko-Haram be inventive with brain do the needed damages, you’ll see whether they would not renegotiate Nigeria.

The West should know that all Nigeria are Boko-Haram and the Government and all it Agents are all Boko-Haram, because that ‘universalism’ has been throw to the dog by the Political authority in Nigeria, from now on “de facto” makes every one of them to be Boko-Haram, in all their doing and taking.


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