Here is what the shit GOD of the round ball will be asking me to choose on Monday the 30th of June 2014:

Between Reason and the Love of a homeland ( Patries ces merdiers dieu du ballon rond), Eh bien va s’ y se mordre de la poussières , je ne suis pas concerné. Ah comment?

Today fellow citizens, who seem to take the fear to be particularly devoted to their country sometimes encountered. As if the love of his land could necessarily mean a disregard for other people’s land; as if the natural wish to see its own beautiful country, prosperous inside, loved and respected abroad would inevitably be a cause of aversion to other people. There are even people who avoid pronouncing the word “homeland” and trying to substitute other more appropriate names, they think, in our time. Certainly, dear son, it must be admitted that among the signs of disorientation of souls that love fell for the country, this larger family that was given to you by God, is not the last, of the tragedy human between LOVE and REASON.

A Permanent Conflict which the GOD of the Round Ball is calling or asking me to choose. Can’t I ask those actors to go eat the Grass of the STADE of the Stadium of Football……………………what is my business.?

Is it possible for me to just be reasonable. Between history of world memory and the visible, in me, between cheese (fromage), wine and champagne, robe with smoke suya ( brochette de veau ) , skewer veal or de pepper soup, Ogi-eko and palm-wine. But for me no matter the out come, whether it will be the Refrain of ALLER LES BLEU or SUPER-EAGLE EMA DO WON KE SIN MA YE ILE WO,  I will still have to celebrate.

See me see trouble: The Fool of Football how can you tempt me to make a choisir between LOVE of my Patrie and the Reason of my Life!

I bet I’ll not choose so that the GOD of Football and the good total football game display with the friendship entre les Nation be the triumphalism against the gladiators of love and mighty of football dicta between “les peuple et les Nation”.

This will be my dilemma, tragedy, stressed and blood pressure on Monday the 30th of June 2014.  what a shit choose,  this world cup and the draw will be asking me to make!

The homeland is a heritage that includes not only a certain reserve of material goods in a given territory, but is above all a treasure, the unique, values and spiritual content, that is to say all Composition of the culture of a nation.

And my “Terre d’ adoption”, is the reason for my survival; whoever win. I’ll be proud aller go the actors of football. Let is be good and friendly.

While, I’ll just be finishing to celebrate my 60th Birthday during the weekend.



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