Anyway,  Ahmed Bola TINUBU, Fashola Babatunde, Rauf Aregbesola, non of this Politicians are not one of the best Nigeria can parade as leader. But what baffle me and still causing some kind of headache is for all Yoruba my own ethnic tribe to be so coward especially the current generation and all the social media critics, whichever template be it on facebook, twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google mental to be too wick to any race likeness in Nigeria. I look from the Yoruba, as an insider, the Yoruba youths of today in high institution I see nobody even the future that one can rely on to wish to call the objectives out of our race to do something even to the extend of wanted to sacrifice himself for the cause of Yoruba Nation. In it there nothing reliable to back-upon.

Let us be honest with ourselves, without Bola TINUBU, there will be no Babatunde Fashola, Rauf Aresgbosola, Oshiomhole, Feyemi, Ajumobi, Amosun and the public Yoruba Labour Party disgrace and disappointed from my state of origin Ondo-State Olusegun Mimiko, the Yoruba in law that became King in Yoruba land and APC. Do we know and understand that we the Yoruba are so weak in Nigeria, political and lack character , that we allow less important and influential to dominate us and determine who is good and charitable among us politically. In a perimeter that is all “pourri’ and rotten of corruption as the only avenue to get to power.

We Yoruba ask to have a Jesus Christ of YORUBA in Politic, why what we allow and accept from other non Yoruba race, we refuse a brothers and a sisters of Yoruba descent Politicians, Haba: without money how do you define how the like of Bola TINUBU, role would have be and without enough money how can a Nigeria of good faith be hard, fear and listing to.

If it was possible in a hyper-Inflated corrupt society, like our in Nigeria, the like of late Chief Gani Fawehinmi. Prof. Wole Soyinka. Agbakoba, Fela Kuti etc. Who happened to have created a Political Party did not move a class room of 50 students vote in an election nowhere did the Party of these men of Principle WIN an election. Not even among, we the majority social media critic belief in them. Even the like of Falana and Tunde Bakare, will have more haters in Yoruba land than anywhere in Nigeria. Yes! we Yoruba are the LIGHT and ILLUSION that will never rule Nigeria of GOOD intention, because we are generally too controversial, wicked and coward Politically, and a race that lack the general effrontery to dare hoping his own will be behind him.

Tell me in the Nigeria of today, what was the wrong of Chief Ahmed Bola TINUBU.? that we Yoruba so hate the man, why we allow  and permit the evil like of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, to abused us and insults us free at will without reprimand.

A corrupt government ruling, with thugs and an assassinate Party of terrorist machinery, in a regime of terror to scan us like good for nothing and plug his dirty lane into our heart with his colleague of same faith. From my personal screening and assessment, we Yoruba, has a problem and it political and sociology, as we contribute, at the same time helped to accentuate the misconception of role and it understanding among ourselves and from here, we artificially created the Nigeria political misunderstanding or contributed to the Political confusion.

We Yoruba’s, haven’t see nothing yet, as to be candid in the world we has no base of geopolitical friend to rely on, because of some this our flexible attitude. It either one is a conservatives or social democrats, one can not be the “TWO” at the same time…………………….from same political zone. This good idealist that we Yoruba, have lost and we are about to lost everything, of our late ICON Political founding Father, has build as doctrine of political faith, sound mind and opinion to be principled. IN the just concluded century because of the non taking same standing of we Yoruba’s to more corrupt and fickle than us………even more clueless. What a picture that is the model of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, that is using us at will.?


How come now the like of superlative capitalism without second face, or thought  just swallowing there remnant of all domination both economic and politic…………….take a look at Lagos, what you see and here is the like of industrialist looking to have everything JIMI AGBAJA, comes to my mind.


The rotten is spreading and widely spreading but hold on to nothing or not stifle enough. I see it to crack one day.



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