To Caesar Liberty and Freedom and To Mohammed Beheading of Human and Blood.

To Caesar what is Caesar. I Pius AGUNBIADE, I was born Catholic and I’m a Christian not and never will I ever be Muslim. I like and LOVE Liberty and human Freedom. Now from today Yoruba Muslims in the South-West of Nigeria, have to comes out clearly to denounced Boko-Haram or face electoral punishment before the next Saturday Election in Osun State, of which Rauf Aregbesola, solid accomplish programs will not be able to save from the electoral Tsunami that will swept APC out of Yoruba Nation land in Nigeria and be replaced with PDP Bola Ahmed TINUBU, Old senseless rascal and greediness disrespect for Yoruba and Bisi Akande, uncircumcised politic with Lai Mohammed hard knots, Raji Fashola, Obasanjo licking botty of Fulani and John Oyegun key locker, even with the Oni Of Ile-Ife support may not stop to drift to the hell-heaven of APC, because we will not like ILE-IFE” to be headed in the nearer future by an EMIR like we had too long tolerated in Kwarra State of-ILORIN the heart of Yoruba land. Enough of the Muslim brothers intolerance Religion into Politic. We too as Christian Youths-Yoruba,we will raise an insurgent in Yoruba-land to resisted the hiding nasty and stupid of just force of words of the like of Rauf Aregebsola, no Muslim brother can take us into another WAR of enslavement. The Tunde Bakare and Matthew Osholowo beatification born again Fake Muslim turned Christian New Gospel Posterity Church Enslavement of our Youths generation will be resisted. This Muslims brothers design we all understand “IFA” or no IFA Yoruba rejoinder I’m also Christian, I’ll not fold the hand and be dragged stupidly into the mouth of dogs and apes by our Muslim -Yoruba, brothers and sisters. From today till next Friday, all Yoruba-Politic leaders in APC and PDP, must come out and clarify issue if let all Christian and Yoruba who love liberty and Freedom in Osun start thinking of voting for Iyiola OMISORE, to safe Nigeria from the The Abuja Declaration issue of the outcome of the conference of the African countries of the OIC in 1989 and launched by IBB with a communique of the Islam in Africa Organisation (IAO) founded during this conference.

The Islam in Africa Organisation (IAO) is a Nigerian statutory Islamic organisation, an initiative (OIC). Organisation of Islamic Conference in Abuja in 1989 by Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, which main objectives was to turn Nigeria to Islamic State. Let us therefore, call a spade a spade in Yoruba Race Rauf Aregbesola, must stop to play with fire and play with the entire interest of Yoruba. Nobody, can take me and force me to becomes Muslim in Nigeria not even TINUBU, Aresgbesola, Ajumobi, Fashola, Bisi Akandi, Ibikunle Amosun, Mimiko Olusegun, Lai Mohammed, Tunde Bakare, John OYEGUN unenhanced tie costume of a Newly unborn Christian Chairman of APC or a Matthew Oshomolowo adn Tunde BAKARE, all Muslims turned Christian only to come out corrupting the entire Yoruba generation with Islamic grand agenda design “IROLEPA gbogbo yin” we will never buy into hopelessness of DUBIA shine shine window shopping there is nothing GODLY in it than nan artificial type of the Early Church in Constantine TURKEY which saw that “YEYE” nation, becomes Islamic world. Time has come to render to Caesar what is Caesar, is either they comes out and Public denounced the Section 38 of the Nigeria 1999 constitution which strictly duality Nigeria as Muslim State to be rule by the Sharia and this was entrenched into our constitution where Boko-Haram take all his legitimate right. Now, enough is enough of IBB dastardly of the Nigeria Federation and OIC design in Africa…………….all this we must make sure do fail and it will fail. Five day to make Rauf Aregbesola, to comes out Publicly to dissociate all this complete Islamic agenda against Yoruba general interest. I can compete with and IGBO and IJAW, we’ve been together also in the South only I would have love a more active pronounced Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Though, I remain a great loyal followers unconditional of ACN and APC not a ticket to any GAMBARI of the NORTH-in 2015 period.


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