The dude black first President, is a complete Newbies Zombie!! of war of altruism and slow-motion of Hollywood wide wide west.

The USA of America, knew well when they intentionally asked Patrick SAWYER,, an American from Liberia, to pas through Lagos knowing already that he was contaminated and likewise at the same time that a late patient from IGBO-tribe, that had been reported dead earlier and since transported from the same Liberia to his state of origin in Anambra , since was taken to a local morgue. Where he’s secretly kept by the deceased Family, who knew without proper cares transported his corp from Liberia-in-Monrovia to Anambra State in IGBOLAND. Yet the US, authority knowing the environmental urbanization of Lagos a Yoruba land decided intentionally to allow Patrick SAWYER, to passed through Muritala Mohammed Airport, so as to contaminate the entire Region thereby creating an artificial intentional psycho to the entire Nigeria Population. America of Uncle Sam is wicked a blood war bastard. That deliberately IMPORTED EBOLA to Nigeria via Yoruba land knowing the related volatile nature of LAGOS a Yoruba land, as the heart Capital of Africa and the sub-region economy HUB…………………………what a wicked Friend is President Barak OBAMA of USA.

A Nation as heartless as President BaraK OBAMA, did not dim fit to stopped and visited when he was visiting West-Africa for his homosexual escapade to the Region, now with a completed clueless and shoe-less Mr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, as President, who despite of all these news of ebola out-broken news virus importation via Lagos by an American into Nigeria, and with all the contrary indications, still have enough time;  to manifest his total disdain and guppy hatred, towards one his most sophist ethnic group the Yoruba, put on his Portuguese attire and colonial hat dressed like “OGOGORO IJAW” mastermind drunkard and move to Washington DC to assisted. In the same OBAMA, convocation of Africans Head of States gallantry marriage of eyes service uncle Sam baguette black reception menu, with CUBA HAVANA mixture of tropical curtails Party and royal REVEL Party, concoction of lady Paris HILTON dressed draft welcome suicide and EBOLA Genocide of Africans by OBAMA regime decimation act one with USA drone of the BORNU region with the CHIBOKS girls.

Hellas! Africans head of States, never learnt a lesson of world geopolitical history. Bravo to the Western World Power and slave war in disguise to spray and spread the virus on the Continent of Africa. This is a deliberately planned,executed and orchestrated by President Barak OBAMA of the USA, the African first black America President, who was reported homosexual, and of the head the Illuminatti clan-war of the Apocalypse Now..


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