Pentagon sets up Ebola task force – first step to military occupation of West Africa?

What If USA Of America is the EBOLA that we African should refuse. I’m Just and Only asking as question because as Africans we never dim fit ask question. Such an hypotheses should not be ignore.

Eugenics and pandemics

The US army could soon send troops to countries affected by Ebola, it has emerged.

The Pentagon has set up a task force “to determine how the U.S. armed forces can mitigate the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.”

The task force will cooperate with the Centers for Disease Control USAID, the State Department, and other federal agencies in what increasingly looks like the start of a US occupation of Africa under the pretext of fighting an Ebola virus which the Pentagon developed and put in circulation.

The CDC has also announced it is committing 400 staffers to the ebola outbreak.

” The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases has a small contingent of personnel in Liberia, supplying test kits to laboratory personnel in nearby Sierra Leone, where the disease has hit hard,” says a report. 

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