Appropriating our Yoruba Political Identity, though the road may differ, but it is still the same progressive template hair to our collective Yoruba hertage.

Who can as of today, shoulder the leadership of such foundation, such a man may not have to be from the first taunted cycle of known followerships of the Late Obafemi AWOLOWO, Cann of pilgrimage follower-ship from Yoruba land to the entire Nigeria-but must be from the space-zone of that land.? JAGARBAN, as they call him has show more of such trait value today, than any Yoruba in active politic today, he is unjustly persecuted by a fringe minuscule of the first born of our collective ICON failed follower-ship children’s.

Time for we Yoruba, to do away with the SALOPE AND IMBECILITY politic of personality clash. We are Yoruba, this alone is greater than the position and height of any born child of the ethnic race and individual position. Be it from OBATALA clan or ODUDUWA clan, Yoruba is Yoruba.



He’s in the line of Heaven Sanitation Limitless.

 This preview you can think has an intentionally blurred parts…………….however, Heaven himself, has long began to stamp him out of the morosity, ambivalence’s ambiance of the Nigeria delusional retreat in politic; of we all are same. No we are not same, we did not think the same way, breath the same air in Nigeria, react the same way, do thing the same way and see, walk, hear and listen ectetera the same way. This is why we had the “FOUR CARDINAL POINT”. We Yoruba did not even created it, and it is the reason why we had NORTH, SOUTH, EAST and WEST,  and with the WIND, the STAR, the MOON and the SUN, that operated differently to indicate and give TIME and DIRECTION to our path on earth in manner that differ from one another depending on the hemisphere, that we stand, where they’re coming from and going that pointed to indicate which axe of line will his traject follow.

Every Nigerians, has the right not to like, share and love Mr. Bola Ahmed TINUBU, from here lie the acceptable in public politic. But do we had to be so wicked?, to the extent of going to feed rumor that has been having a ravaging input-impact and planted a tasteless ramification on the social media for more than weeks, about Tinubu the leader of all freeborn Yoruba progressives, to faked news about his state of heath, to me as a Yoruba, and a purely one with inherited immunity from the colourification of easy sell-out, was a pointer to one thing:

They all want Jagarban to die and paved way for their unholy agenda. Who and why?  All the conservatives all over the country want his sudden demise even the NORTH, with BOKO-HARAM to grind in their teeth were not able to sleep………….but the man knows them and how to handle them and play it more than them. The clics of the inner cycle and core heart , can not sleep because the man is not previsible for them to GRASP Why? Because in front of him they’all develop a cool and inferiority complex. This complex of shame is leading them with excuse to hate him, and put on a shameless posture wireless to any rooted conviction and foundation of seriousness for Nation building nor revival. Therefore, the clic in their disturbed delusion; that derange soo badly pact with the most weak and voiceless President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to helped them do the work for  them, for which they have no heart nor the effrontery to do the job.

I belief he’ll survive, as there are many that pray for HIM to survive. First my self, I pray for him, despite not sharing all that he do and the way he do it. He is as of today, one of the best we can see in politic in Nigeria, as I have observed all Nigerians from the age of 60-45 years, of what we call   the golden glorious generations of honey and milk lickers. The majority’s, of which all almost 90% were beneficiary of free education scholars, text books, free boarding house students, feeding free plus flamboyant bursary awards and scholarship to the best Western and Islamic best School on the globe etc, becoming the poisonous pills of the dastardly Nigeria, a generation where few 30% fortunate among has failed to replicate same hand of generosity. Instead are the one candidly contributing to it down fall from the core North passing the East to the South and now the West………….the good example is the BIG MANISM Mr. AFE BABALOLA, a typical example with Pastor Enoch Adejare ADEBOYE, just for example…….look what was there contribution to nation building from one point of extreme (the distrust in our education system and the salute by Religion intoxication of the society), has long been the very arm of our development initially, now, it is what we allow to be destroying us.

Imagine, if we are not different why then do we call ourselves the Federal Republic of Nigeria.? What is in Federal that we must call ourselves that name?, ( Sorry, least I forget we have all this: There are federal loan, forgiveness programs out there that has rendered many to be syndicate of corruption society ….. i.e. you’re what they call “full pay” so they don’t need to offer you any aid ….. They can keep their precious money, we will do it ourselves, lettuce tastes good), if not the various constituencies that constitute the federal Republic of Nigeria, with it autonomous ethnic tribal race federated together to form the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Must we then be condensed in this congestion and refused to open-up for reform to structure the nation (oh non but we must “lack … the transition from open-loop/cradle-to-grave systems like garbage of disposal with no recycling …intervention” statute in the choice of economic, legislative and social policy reforms we ask for, …. than the bottom up approach that local level governance encompasses). in a way that will allow us an autonomy region that we opt in other we can not be able to think on our own political leader elected by our own ethnic regional political inspiration, belief of any kind of association, that will ensure us a take and a say at the center with justification and prove to negotiate at the federal national assembly on our own etc.

The devils and evils will memorize the tam tam with their lyric without motives. Jagarban, as they use to call our cherish Bourdillion will survived in the mist of tempest and the trouble on the occasion wave, despite all odds we have a progressive leader that has learnt, watch, see and know what were the reasons for the past progressive decapitation within our own rank.


The Mercy of deportation of the like of Alhaji Lateef Jakande, Chief Ebenezer Babatope, Chief Ayo Adebanjo to mention but a few of them etc, to the land of the forgettable of all the old bull dog like Ayo Adebanjo, a next of keen to the GREAT can not even resist by conviction and personal conscience of the solid training they all received from the SAGE been too closed they all fall and fail to HOLD-ON to the political banner heritage of the most CAPITAL political sympathy, that is easy to market and sell………….if only they resisted the implanted “SOYOYO” shinny voice of call, the voice that precipitated the like of Late Chief  Pa. Abraham Adesanya, Late Chief Bola IGE……….etc, into their probable second journey, earlier than expected,  like little babies under the age of dependence, too small to think, be able to care for-self -though head without force of the brain. And come the most lamentable, one that path, dine, wine and eat with Satan himself and knowing the kind of recipe they implored to prepared the menu, yet unable to resist the savory from the plate allow his own instinct to fail him and dictate for him; only to be captured like wolves among all the whole generation of vibrant ‘s political social democrats and progressive in Yoruba land of Nigeria.


A leader supposed to know all the consequences, that may resulted from playing the politic of flirtation- it could be what we Yoruba called the sudden “MAGUN” therapy,  but they all failed and rather believe that by travestying the composition fabrics of a motor engine; they’ll be able to drives the motor with such kinds of mixture of different tools of machine spare parts that was supposed to be use as engine, to pilot the motor to it port of destination with accident free in and out, exchange the original device and use a mixture that has faked the original. That he’ll be able to drive accident free with the kind of supporting roads that we had in Nigeria from IBADAN to ABUJA and back to IBADAN, forgotten to protected his back not looking very carefully, the windscreen (retro-visor) with which he was supposed to see, monitor the road from front, back and side, yet felt he will be capable to direct, dictate to the motor, the right message, with a chassis full of error that exchange or transmit strange information, with all kinds of parts from one end to another. Chief Bola IGE, unhappy by self pride drove himself into the den and was accidentally murdered.Though, it pain, I was never to be surprised as politic and the success of all democrats is by abnegation and by conviction of value and principle (Yes how often we fail to realize this, in this part of the world that both in austere and self-abnegating: the soul must to remain aloof from the pleasures of the body; … Though it will take the theory of the Forms not to confined itself to the humanvalues, but … provoked the kind of enmity that led to his conviction and execution. …..It’s founding-principle is, at least at first, no high-minded concern but the most arm to survive……;humbleness and wait for his time), in case of any negation it contrary has yet to be proved.


The failure to observed this simple condition and apply it to one self is the condition for exposition and prostitution of all animal politicians to survive without blemish. And by doing the contrary, we Yoruba, all knew what was and how the last unfortunate breath of Late Bola IGE, was long written and the people reaction was like a man jailed for robbery which his own proper family had in a news that he had been killed in prison and to their disbelieved were unable to believe the strange sudden news.


Good Alhaji Bola Ahmed TINUBU, though may not be the one that the whole Yoruba will ran after, naked singing and dancing like in the days of late ICON Political leader Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo, but may be the one that will bring finally, the success the first success to the rank and file of the progressive center left of the Nigeria political class, whether you like him or not the value and the landmark of the man that refused the “SELLOUT” of the Yoruba in 2003 and stand his GROUND, is there as his “BRAVITUDE’, and has extended the boundary of the former political sphere of the South-West, it must include a bit of AKINTOLA and the whole of AWOLOWO,…….the history is their for all to see he did not started the written of it.


But the circumstances of history, gave him the historical altruism and opportunity to reason, judge, think, act and take the good decision to resist the assault and siren of the bailout for the only child of DAGON among us ( with strange believes), and set to free the people from their SIN of servitude and political slavery.


The is Otunba Bola Ahmed TINUBU, we may like or not like his achievement as one of the only man that stand against the whole error of 60 million collectives self-murder of the Yoruba ethnic tribal race and possible Nation speak for him.


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