This is the famous Eleme Road.
The fame of this road may be coming from the access it provides to the Eleme Refinery and Petrochemical Company as well as the Onne Free Trade Zone but it also serves a major link road to Akwa Ibom and Cross River states and several communities in Rivers state .
The state of this road is one of the reason Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is so sad. It is also the reason why tanker drivers went on strike.
It seems we are the only ones interested in this ‘our brother’ politics. What happened to the ‘fall for me I fall for you’ dog-play stuff?

Ironic as we Nigeria are plagued with impoverishment a midst plenty!

Another collective incurable. The uses of our collective resources and how some paid politicians and administrators wasted it.

They preached fake personal initiatives and pastoral motivation with missuses of words by phrasing it with issue beyond there understanding to defraud the nation.

In their sub-conscience they’re achievers and greater than the nation that paid them, feed them, house them and take care of their entire lives, and in return becomes a corrupt burden to the general interest.

They goes on citing Abraham Lincoln………….etc. “Don’t ask your country what he can do for you ask what you can do for your country” , with the unconsciousness of the people they turn majority into a shrew tools of follow-follow, just not knowing the concept and the context, with period which that famous Late Abraham Lincoln, gold word was meant for……this is Nigeria of the most sordid chaotic references………..Ori, Enu, Ibi and Ire that never comes to term, with the truism of the human realities.

This is why in all our Religion cantic references till date, we still belief in blood sacrifice and from the semantic level of the rudemental system of information and communication nothing change. To the most auto-route of information technology still occultism as the only means of light to pass through the dark and subtle obvious of human relation of it’s functioning and determinants.

I beg not to be rude and I know that individually we are good . But in the first class developed great nations, it the collective that take the upper-hand. And even China, India , Brazil, Russia and not to talk of the omnipresent USA it source of dominance comes from the entire nation, the power of the Nation and it attractiveness, fear, power and the beauty of it knowledge.

Dubia, is not known because of the Emir fortune……alone. But because of the branding of that city in this 21st century and evocation of human brain in laying the foundation with collective will.


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