The problems of the eyes is the Icon of the human sin. Who do men peeps all times on the prohibit fruits. If it to cause us part of soul to live the life created for us. Oh despite, all warning, written code and the form of education, both moral and value.

This sin seems one the most trilling fantasy to life and death. Men keep on, on the task of not relenting and nor allergic to sin.

From the beginning, god to released men from our isolation and loneliness, the only entertaining second to men and more equal to him, he created was women.

Their role, that we men gave to them, does not allowed them to be proud of men and known, to be our second kind. But since, the women has stolen the tittle and polish it more sounding to the ear and subconsciousness of men……….in the polarization of feeling and sentiment to LOVE.

The role of female  celebrities are known for their red-carpet primping routines—but do … We asked the experts to find out which beauty tips have scientific .

Now, this sudden earthly re-branding, has thrown away the role of man and make men to look like a simple passenger of a moment, that can be change and exchange at any time wish by this he is second half companion , that now has gone uncontrollable.

No matter, the role play by woman and how exemplary and honorable it is beside men,  for men to be console, he has brought in another, most stupid and irritating feeling of never to be secure . The masculine masturbation, in doing so, we are making less spiritual-the sex-that relate the two and pushing it into the domain of consumable products. A products that must be packaged, branded and confection in all kinds.

Hellas! for we men, we now need to buy them as they’ll need to be take to the public market………… compete with an infinite numbers of such unfinished goods, because of the variety that varies, men becomes very exigent towards himself…..looking for more and more added value of rare, cost , luxuries and modern package products. Thereby, making, his half to serve or almost do, playing the simple role of objects and desire, in a man world of realities, or she more than even that or equal to non by men.

Anyway my look at.  Is why  do we refused not to be looking elsewhere, but always, pretending, while we are desperate and deliberately looking at them and for them.?


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