Yoruba Nation: What we are doing wrong

This is in no messing of words. But the facts remains is the actual relation it push to catch the glimpse of the moment current affair of the Nigeria nation. On how this concern and affect the Yoruba sensitivity attitude of wait and see or coward underground compromise that affected the group ethnic race.

And down the line, we are busy to negotiate and negotiate for nothing, than at some selfish greediness end. While at the end we loose in our majority as the general interest of the race was not carried along by those that called themselves representative the race.

Therefore, to say I’ve no reason nor interest have or place confidence on those, our so called elders , is the only attitude. To my personal view, there are no more something to negotiate about the present Nigeria federation, we Yoruba, as the single majorities ethnic group in Nigeria, has failed ourselves, thereby leading the entire nation into collapsing to the dip sleeping and slippery of no return.


TODAY, my answer is that we Yoruba have let Nigeria disrupt and destroy our orderly and sophisticated political culture. In particular, we have let Nigeria drag us down into an election culture that is destructive and shameful.

By Diran Apata

The world judges the performance of a person or a people on the basis of their capability – the Bible says, “To whom much is given, from him much is expected”. In the matter of political order, our Yoruba ancestors gave us a very beautiful heritage – one of the best in the world. True, our ancestors did not give us the kind of science and technology that the ancestors of the European peoples gave to their descendants, the kind of science and technology that has made European peoples the leaders of the world today. But in many other aspects of civilization, they gave us a great and proud heritage…

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