Helping To Rebranding Nigeria


IT WILL ONLY COST YOU:: $120.000 per annum as fees.

The art that requires specialization in the Kingdom and the Christendum.

YOU WHAT DO YOU PREFER !! Helping to rebranding Nigeria.

Through, some kind of spritualism tourism of the BODY.

Yes ! Thank be to covenant University for catching and breeding them young foes and folks, to the ultimate specialization of the accident not of life but of choice. But in the oldest  job with style and upgrade added value. Packaging bring about a prominence of loving instead of just walk on it like. Best for Pastor David Oyedepo…………..imagine without the man the of GOD. Na so we am in this part of the world. The less you look ,the more one see, so now, go for it. It is publicly marketed in Lagos, Abuja and some of the most touristic cities in Nigeria, could be free, now it is gold, if want you need to will a sort at, in a special niche of tarrification all affair inclusive. Can be dancing, peeps, strips, touch-toe etc.
All you need to do is just find the best of a variety in a growing up diversification brand one F can fit into……..I always prefer the HOTS and the Spot with BAR, VIP and the JACUZZI therapy date RDV toast and toaster. That include brandy and Campaign with a Waiter at the Royal deluxe suit.
Hang around, access is free, with direct opposition of SUNA and domination sprouting to level 10.





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