This is exactly, what a Blackpool Institution of “bien etre” did against the ethic of it foundation.


Life is always a source of troc and business of exchange. The bargain could be profitable or source of bad image.

Can every things in lives be traded “AVIS À NOS GÉNÉREUX CLIENTS”.? ( “IDEAS FROM OUR GENEROUS CLIENTS.”?

Please, Attention Clients. Here we Do All To Respect Our clients. As they say, “le client est ROI”( Clients Are King). But in Great Britain, it is a half bargain for Price reduction by many clients.

Must We Troc Conviction And Simple Opinion For Improvement.? To All Direction of Hotels Management.




A One time known hotel institution in Blackpool fine one of his customers 100 pounds, who had slammed on them on TripAdvisor site.

For calling a hotel in Blackpool (England) of “dirty and stinking slums” on a review site online, a couple was fined 100 pounds by the management of the establishment, as-the denounced was reported on Wednesday in the British media. Criticism – tag the hotel as “filthy slums, dirty, rotten, stinking, led by puppets” verbatim – was posted on the TripAdvisor website by Tony and Jan Jenckinson, after a night at the Broadway Hotel in Blackpool, a coastal city in northwestern of England.

The double room was billed 36 pounds by night. But surprise, as the clients remarks two days later, that they have been taking 100 extra pounds on their credit card, an amount that the hotel justified by a clause on the booking form that any negative published criticism about the hotel, would be predicated to a fine. According to Tony Jenckinson, interviewed on the BBC, his wife, who signed the document, said she did not have his glasses and had not seen this clause. “We knew that the hotel was cheap, but we expected it to be clean, which was not the case,” said for his part Jenckinson January. Simon Calder, journalist specializing in tourism for The Independent, he found the fine or penalty “unacceptable” on the BBC. However, it also illustrates the “frustration” of many hoteliers, what they face as some what a sort of world caprices of some customers who threaten them to bad reviews if they do not get discounts, has he added.

The mayor of the city, alerted last week by the incident and concerned about the reputation of Blackpool, asked the hotel to end this practice, “which was done,” said an official. “We always recommend that people who visit Blackpool book (…)………………………Can we go against courtesy and the moral value of courtship in service and start to penalize client………………..I belief, it is not possible.? Also clients must be careful the way they exercise their right for the all “BEST” and trade value and standard to always negotiate. Anyway, it is the period of rude time for everyone this day in the hospitality sector, as crises tends to play on both “ATTITUDE-DOWN”


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