M. BUHARI AND THE NIGERIAN, born to rule lazy Mentality.


M. BUHARI, The born lazy Mentality of Administrative Policy Connivance of the Nigerian States. The Quota-Education System.

The highest of human transgression. Be it in mainstream society or Religion inclined society……….the absence of competition is the autobiography of the sickness and the incurable of the Nigeria states.

The Buhari, wind of Change and credibility is the Hazard of the Nigerian democracy and the Nigerian states, class of management and administrators of policy and the general connivance of a fail system born out of North QUOTA system and the NORTH general laziness trauma, they infused into the rest of Nigerians, a tribal race with human DNA, of incapacitation-manifest, to grow at a very high level of human competition.
Education, is about capacity and the envious struggle to compete with one another……………..in this area the NORTH is the most backward zone with their feudal way of thinking. And here, we can commend the IGBO-from the South-East, that has been showing a formidable-resistance of a class apart on how competition and the fight to excellency is born of such trip and effort. While the entire NORTH, clearly informed the Nigerian, society that they are heavenly disadvantage and allegic to humans competition and struggle with the rest of Nigerians, it is a system born of stigma and of general connivance or collision that blindly flaunt the goose though, that gave birth, to such characters like Muhammadu BUHARI, from the NORTH, to deliberately LIED and flaw the system with condition of connivance or collision.

That was dangerously, carved and put in place to set us back and undermining the unity and development of Nigeria. Let us take a look rapidly, to all the Political Party that Muhammadu BUHARI, was the leader and how did this Party, implement the BUHARI, ideology, from here we can see the different and the possible capacity of Buhari, able to rule Nigeria, via the various states, that they’re entrusted to governed and manage, it resources both human and nature. What is their difference in term inputs and outputs, of party like the ANPP and CNPP, in achievement in states the party control.? and compares this party with what the ACTION GROUP (AG) and UPN ( Unity Party of Nigeria) of the former late Yoruba icon Leadership Chief Obafemi AWOLOWO, an opposition party was able to achieved and remain relatively popular till date and see if Muhammadu BUHARI, even possess any of the credibility quality to be a simple Chairman of the DAURI Local government council in KATSINA State; under such party like the AG and UPN, talking-less of dreaming to be democratically elected and come to lead Nigeria.?
What was BUHARI, blueprint ideology implication and contribution, to on those, Political platform Party and how do they fearing in term of Policy driving on political and economical growth in the states; they have control over?……………………this will enable us to see, if BUHARI, is credible to rule Nigeria or not. This is the credits that we should gave BUHARI, not the requirement of his condition via his certificates or military training. Buhari, is a failure and a failed man, in all capacity and in term of leadership, that he produced and demonstrated in those Party, that he flaunted. His inclined principle and ideological are mind deficit. Muhammadu BUHARI, in all his attitude with ‘TIMES’, always abandoned the Navire-Boat, never lay foundation nor constructed anything constructives. There is no need wagging a corrupt mindlessness characters, like BUHARI, his incapacitation is manifest of his constant change of alliance just to paint his intellectual lackness and laziness to govern and rule Nigeria.
As Nigerians, where a lots of us, has been exposed to see, and study society. We need to be very critic, toward such weak leaders, that never built on the basic principle nor lay foundation, that is born out ideology and the necessity to lead- by example of philosophy and principle of human mind. Muhammadu BUHARI, certificates or nor certificates, the man is unfit and not ripped enough to rule Nigeria, I will come to this later, in a more comparative observation, that I’m trying to jot down and put together on BUHARI.

The origin of the Nigeria, Buhari, brouhaha, is the mal- of backward sickness passed by the radical on going blabla of certificates and human competence and capacity to rule himself in Nigeria.


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  1. I have no issue with fake certificates. I have issue with telling lies. Which is the beginning of corruption. ..https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10205671788500298&set=p.10205671788500298&type=1&theater…………. Buhari tenders fake results.Look at the top right hand corner and you will see the cancellation of year 20… for 1960.Look more closely and you will see the cancellation of NECO.Was there NECO in 1961?We are still waiting for a certificate. Buhari where is your certificate?


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