MUST I AND YOU BE ALWAYS FORGIVEN-stand one generation Nigerians


We Can’t Verify Results Without Buhari’s Permission –UK Varsity

The University Of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES), now known as Cambridge Assessment, in response to requests to prove the authenticity of the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Major General Muhammadu Buhari’s exam certificate, has said on Friday that it will not be able to do so.

In a statement made available on its website, the institution said, “We can only confirm or verify results at the direct request of or with the permission of a candidate.”

“This is in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.”

The organisation also confirmed that according to the Regulations for 1961, African Language papers, including those for Hausa were set for the West African School Certificate.

Established over 150 years ago, Cambridge Assessment operates and manages the university’s three exam boards and carries out leading-edge academic and operational research on assessment in education.

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NOw, that all the criminals and criminalized Nigeria’s leaders alive has gathered in one Political Room, even if Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, is the most shoeless and clueless of them. It is obvious that my and our generation, should have no choice and hold it as a duty to make sure that , the like of OBASANJO, BABANGIDA and BUHARI, no more play with our future, now that all the core spoilers are together, we must ensure that they eat the grass at the democratic polling booth.

For a new generation and change to come, out we must push all the irrelevant profligacy of the Nigerian Reckless and wasteful of resources and development. This is a generational WAR and our stand and ideology will be to confronted those that have expressly brought us to this hardship and confused state of mind and backwardness We must engaged the entire society, ensure we get these cooked crook to book and judge their policy, that set us against leaders of our past noble cause; like late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Late Obafemi Awolowo etc and have hand in the underdevelopment of Nigeria.

Must we continue to clinged on people like OBJ, IBB and GMB, to right their wrong or as a generations, that had saw and are seeing how policy, innovation, justice, patriotism, equity, freedom, equality, love, human and natural resources are combined to power a nation development, with leaders that are committed to sacrifice personal position for nation to emerge in this planet and continue to do the right thing positively despite, crises here and there, yet must we turn ourselves and looking back to all the failed personality parading themselves as leaders.? The answer here, is NO, what moral value in the midst of nation has a Muhammadu BUHARI, picture or presence will do for Nigeria and Nigerians, if by the 14th of February 2015, what we have and telling the entire global world was that Nigeria, is not capable to look beyond the direction of failed elders and statesmen, that lied to us and continue to lie.? In what kind of religion do we tolerate the act of forgery, perjury or has ever see one day M. BUHARI, even tender any apology to the Nation and Nigerians?, for his nasty behaviour and image that he is giving Nigeria and Nigerians, both home and abroad. Who else can swallow and shoulder such rubbish and untamed cursed born of I-must -rule syndrome; if not a Fulani/Hausa man.? Where is the pride of Nigeria and it personality in this “roforofo-wayorism’ brouhaha, that we have engaged the whole root foundation of the nation, and the place of history in all this…………….lest I forget, I know as I’m writing that history is no more in the curriculum of college and high school syllabus in Nigeria, we can now see all this unhealthy disguised policies atroce, is a deliberate attempt to render people, not to query the past and those that are responsible. Because, history is the memory of the past and rope or conductor that drive the past knowledge into our brain, and the only mean by which we can argumented the past is to engaged the nation to know it memory be it negative or positive, so that we can learn from it and never should it be the yoke. Are we as Nigerians?, not doing the contrary, refusing to yield, instead continue in same direction, even with more passion moving dangerously to the wall without having nor making effort to have a qualified men to show the boat of Nigeria, how it can be driving into the future with direction, and more of assurance than a depletion to perdition.?

Today, we seems not to minding in Nigeria, as we stood on a fallen tree trunk and looked, unable to see over our shoulder and the beyond what tomorrow will be. To me; it seem we have liken to that objects with lifeless breath. Though, still hoping from where cometh the fresh that will breath again through the nostrils, life to regain a new souls. Can we really blamed ourselves for the stand and looking scenarios, it is our new value of the born again believing system of the new Nigeria and Nigerians, but we have failed to query ourselves, to know and understand are animals after death, born back to it physical world the second time( from the study and understanding of reincarnation it was not so ),………………………..with knowledge of his first past.?………Just a little celestial theology of the mystery of life will do us some good. Men we are do not live more than once.

It is TIME we stand for new Nigeria or Never, better shut up forever for a no more Nigeria at the end. We have a choice and the choice is now.


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