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The BUHARI, certificates saga is the the side effect of the Quota System and the Federal Character result.

The result of a demotivated generalization of a confused central government working policy, that is even more than nefast, of the effect of a unitary concentration of power in a communist system of government and a type of administration.

The Multicultural nature of Nigeria and the Nigerian states can only strive for the better in a society that allow people to compete with one another equally, without torpid the system to benefit one party of the country as against another. The result in such case will be a drawback of quality and efficiency and also the one that will encourage corruption.

 QUOTA SYSTEM AND FEDERAL CHARACTER HAD OVER-BEARING IT USEFULNESS. Whether our Yoruba intellects and Political Leaders, will like to hear this or not. The time has comes naturally to wash away this SIN that some few allow all Nigerians to shoulder while GOD who knows us before we were born is preparing his spiritual and mystery in our mother womb and born us equal as men is doing His job to good.

And on getting to the Earth some people change that order and nature to a strange commitment for men to stand up like men and face the issue that matter for same to be useful and upright in our standing. But they prefer, not to do the work and sacrifice now living like wheat a worthless shepherd that fall apart because they can never sow good seed born inferior to others Nigerians, therefore, willful making all to us share portion from heavenly bad portion of SIN which they refuse to atone for.

I refused to be held in perpetual sin and hostage of the NORTH inferiority GODLY, complex disposition on Earth. If they continue to refuse sacrifice and planted good seed to receive good fruit at harvest like other Nigerians, y doing the good job in life is their own problem to do the work, life is all about human competing with one another.

Not inflicting hardship while some benefit on-with an earthly advantage that will keep on dragging others back and backward. No good principle can be behind a QUOTA System or a Federal Character, that did not include competence and qualification the good qualification with capacity can help to infused any good to a good administration…………………………………who else here can go to Harvard, Cambridge or Oxford, Ife, Ibadan, Lagos, Zaria, Nsukka, Benin, Paris, Germany or elsewhere on the planet, in quest for knowledge etc; and come back to be inferior to a less than a Primary school holder, as Chairman in one of the major Nigerian corporation and be happy to do the good job there.?

All has been bend and bending from time immemorial and such system can not work it will breed corruption. The whole structure, with which it was built must be totally uprooted for us to find our feet in this country. Please excuse us the apology of going to see if the system is working or not…… is not working we can see and see clearly. It is the robbing shoulder of the worst result.

By this Muhammadu BUHARI, wahala, we had shown ourselves, the limit of the system and portray Buhari himself as a beneficiary of a corrupt system policy, therefore making BUHRI to be corrupted. Buhari , is corrupt man issue of corruption and in a corrupt society………………the notion that we should go to the poll is now CADUC and render useless , a new paradigm must be find to change the whole of the structure that we had in Nigeria before any election.

We either return to the Past that work for us in the old Western Region, now the South-West Yoruba of Nigeria, by going for the déconcentration of the center with a total devolution of Power to Regional Autonomous State as we have immediately after independence or face with the dissolution of the Nigeria state along our respectives ethnic geographical tribal natural boundaries.

All in Nigeria , must be and is Negotiable. We either go for the New deal and Chat a New Prosperous Nigeria or face another arm of WAR struggle with ourselves.


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