THE MATCH OF THE PAST, PRESENT AND THE FUTURE…………who will win as election postponed in Nigeria!



Jonas , the reel shoeless and clueless. With Mr. Jagajaga Jega the Pair of INEC.

The Prof. and PHD never men ensemble. Ahmadu Bello versus Port-Harcourt.

The match who will WIN while the February keep looking and watching desperately.

Keep watching and visit to see who will win. As to whether the public will be the deciding factors and equation to solution.

Six more weeks to go.



1 Comment

  1. Even heaven, can not predict the issue of the combat. It is not possible to be call to whose side will goes the final act. Can the citizen of Nigeria, be the third party of the unexpected invitees into the generalissimo confusion.

    I reserve my doubt, something gonna happen to the morous cloud.


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