A lazy colloquialism, weakness of our cultural mistakes;

The Yoruba says, AGBA, KIN WA NILU KORI OMO TUNTUN WO ( literally, means a city where their is an elder must be able to teach wisdom ), so that love and peace will prevail in the King Palace.

In Africa, it’s a mistake to assume that the young people who come to town, will do, well and better …… also it is this lazy way to view, observed and analysed issues, in other to take a position that is responsible for our fall and failure.

The Strength of a State is Relative, to the kinds Fruits of a Millennium of inputs from foods of our education and evolution that we eat, that comes out from the entire community of our …… intellectuals. Today, I just ask is it sound.?

The Fear of not getting down well with some people or got it wrong, had beclouded our reason rate and judgment value, and make the supposed intellectuals to throw to the dogs the behavior or simply our attitude, to a groups and band weak fellows, the whims and caprices to the culture of mistake and intellectual corruption, so as to follow the band wagon wind, blowing to wish the like of the MAN below, at this moment of our history.

A Happy Birthday Instead of a Happy Badday”………..I’m happy to differ from the mainstream culture.


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