THE AMAZING NATURE. The reptile python or anaconda


This one can swallow two at some few intervall
This python or Anaconda is caught in Alagbole Village in South West of Nigeria. The giant serpentine weighs about 390 lbs and stretched about 28 feet



A lazy colloquialism, weakness of our cultural mistakes;

The Yoruba says, AGBA, KIN WA NILU KORI OMO TUNTUN WO ( literally, means a city where their is an elder must be able to teach wisdom ), so that love and peace will prevail in the King Palace.

In Africa, it’s a mistake to assume that the young people who come to town, will do, well and better …… also it is this lazy way to view, observed and analysed issues, in other to take a position that is responsible for our fall and failure.

The Strength of a State is Relative, to the kinds Fruits of a Millennium of inputs from foods of our education and evolution that we eat, that comes out from the entire community of our …… intellectuals. Today, I just ask is it sound.?

The Fear of not getting down well with some people or got it wrong, had beclouded our reason rate and judgment value, and make the supposed intellectuals to throw to the dogs the behavior or simply our attitude, to a groups and band weak fellows, the whims and caprices to the culture of mistake and intellectual corruption, so as to follow the band wagon wind, blowing to wish the like of the MAN below, at this moment of our history.

A Happy Birthday Instead of a Happy Badday”………..I’m happy to differ from the mainstream culture.

Michael Jordan Most Famous New Billionaire in the Worl

Out of the 290 newcomers to the Forbes billionaires list, Forbes has deemed  Michael Jordan as the most famous newbie, according to a March article at Forbes estimates Jordan’s worth at an even $1 billion thanks to his share in the Charlotte Hornets. Arguably the best player in NBA history, Jordan’s wise investment decisions post his basketball career has landed him as the one of the richest men in the world.

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There were new entrants to the prestigious list from every content, according to Forbes, with the U.S. being the second most billionaire-producing country next to China.  71 billionaires came from China, with 57 coming from the U.S. to include Jordan.

It’s been anticipated that Jordan would grace the billionaires list since last year in June when NBA franchise teams catapulted in value.  At that time, Forbes used two major determining factors to declare Jordan a billionaire. First, Forbes reported that Jordan’s stake in the Hornets had increased from 80 percent to 89.5 percent; secondly Forbes said the Hornets value had increased from $410 million to between $600 million and $625 million. Forbes anticipated Jordan’s net worth outside of the team to be an additional $600 million.

Nonetheless, at that time in June 2014, the Charlotte Observer reported that Jordan’s spokeswoman Estee Portnoy said the report was “speculative.”

According to a March 2014 article on, “it’s official. Jordan is a billionaire and he is the most famous newcomer to the list.” The Jordan brand grossed an estimated $2.25 billion in 2013, earning his Airness some $90 million. But his most valuable asset is his stake in the Charlotte Hornets, worth more than $500 million.”

In addition to the value of the Hornets, Business Insider points out that the NBA deal with ESPN and Turner should prove very lucrative for the Hornets. In the deal, the networks are to pay the NBA an average $2.66 billion, which should amount to an extra $57 million, according to Business Insider.

Next in popularity to enter the billionaires list were tech boomers Garrett Camp, Travis Kalanick and Ryan Graves, of Uber and Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia, the creators of Airbn


AIR JORDAN ride on.

The Incredible and unforgettable true man. Sometimes living in the cool of projector News of legend and humble out of social misfit News, can make the differences of a one man history to turn fortune. Out of Sensational News of all Afro-Americans success. Good to remain a man and human being after-all. Air Jordan Michael. Good News and this is a very Good News of LABOR.

THE MATCH OF THE PAST, PRESENT AND THE FUTURE…………who will win as election postponed in Nigeria!



Jonas , the reel shoeless and clueless. With Mr. Jagajaga Jega the Pair of INEC.

The Prof. and PHD never men ensemble. Ahmadu Bello versus Port-Harcourt.

The match who will WIN while the February keep looking and watching desperately.

Keep watching and visit to see who will win. As to whether the public will be the deciding factors and equation to solution.

Six more weeks to go.


2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 22 trips to carry that many people.

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.If we continue this way;

In a maddened state of terror, parents and whole villages, city and state or the entire region, turn on their childs. ….. Incidentally, they were the one that started the condescension, and ….. May the people who carry out this sick practise, rot in hell and that their  ni ni neither any of the negotiation that will lead Nigeria to restructured this incurable corrupt sick Nation with a confused entity …no wise that make wise a decision without compromise all is negotiable in Nigeria including dissolution.

None among us, at least sensible Nigerians, that is saying Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, should not go because of his incompetency. Yes the diagnostic we all made and it is right. Like this we can right the wrong of our amalgamation of 1914. But what we are saying is that we should not call for change and changing sake, while some under the carpet wagging, along to call back the past that was not enchanting to bring it back. We say  forward ever and backward no- to continue the same that has failed us.

Change, is when we put all issue on the table and chat a new deal with Nigerians , that is what change entails.Change can not be to painted the wall that are breaking with hole all over, without first plastering and replaced the old weak bricks with concrete new cement or bricks, if not the wall will not hold on a good foundation and refurbishment, it will soon be back to it former state of palliatives support.

Change , which consisted just to replaced Goodluck E. Jonathan with Muhammadu BUHARI and continue like before; when that “MAL or BAD” is still there. And what are these BAD, the natural physical corruption of nature in the Nigerian states; those stems of 100 year of the NORTH,; administration flaw of Nigeria lying to the rest of us, with fake figure in the geographical occupation of Nigeria soil with human souls.

The realities of the real Nigerian Population demographic, must be one the first reform of Change and be permanent; consistent and continue viable and exact of the picture of the Nigerian Federation. This human head corruption,must be discourse our exact population must be known, starting from there. This is where corruption take it source and I had never heard my party the APC , which I belong taking action to correct this aberrant despite the BUHARI, GOD giving revelation what a mistake of intellectual laziness and cowardliness of the Nigerian federation .

Another area,  that is very important, and of high voltage and volatile, which is questionable; is the domaine of equality of all men born of women to be regarded as same, since the day some can take arms, knives to kill one anothers, must also be able to take the pen and pencilled to pass exams and go to school to study like the rest of Nigerians, to hope dreaming to seat in the highest office of gratification and retribution……like the one we having now a fake affidavit of certificates, which the common required to be eligible that Muhammadu BUHARI, was unable to produced because he had no one. Instead, deliberately, wish the Nigerian State created for him a special lAW of derogation to do the contrary of the LAW of Equity. of  all Nigerians, as regard capacities and competence to be consider equal of men and regarded as same; with same value, not a kind of strange privilege giving to one lazy people who did not abhorred self progress, born of the candle and sacrifice like all rest of Nigerians, to acquire same knowledge available to us all in an equal competing society.

Also and should be now, with the BUHARI, brouhaha sage, to do away with a failed administrative policies that is drifting we Nigerians, backward and install a competitives environment equal to all valid and psychical men, by doing away with the QUOTA SYSTEM and FEDERAL CHARACTER, that mined our societies with corruption and make Nigerians to become unhealthy……………………..ask if by so doing that will make Muhammadu BUHARI, to be honest man.? A man that the Nigerian state had shown more than been generous to but failed also to render same because he’s born and bred dullard to compete and be tasty to acquire education and qualification through the legal required mean.

Then we can continue later to examine how we can use our resources natural and human, to an equitable sharing and giving some advantage to those that work, land that produce and adopt a sharing formula that will also help those area of less advantage naturally etc.


We can not continue this way to recycling failure and failed Almajiri education Policy, in our approach to compete as nation with others in this 21st century equation of development, where a man without Primary school leaving certificate will find himself as Chairman director general of one of our first class corporation not the least the one that requires expertise of both teaching and practical basic work, giving orders and directives of management to million of Nigerians , who are overqualified, from some of the best institution in Nigeria and around the world. While we fold our hand and look and see how the same system had failed us. While some few born lazy do nothing beside taking the GUNS, the like of OBJ, IBB and Bola Ahmed TINUBU, forcing on us to accept their preference and telling us they’re unable to find even among the NORTHERNERS a man better than BUHARI or in the entire Nigeria, just because of the syndrome'(syndrome of stockholm), of born-to-rule poison of the NORTH.

To hell to the heads, that will roll and must roll to change Nigeria, if a retreat is not envision by APC, from the cancer that had mined us since our force marriage in 1914 and deliberately continue to because of men like Gen. Muhammadu BUHARI, incapacitation to be man; when the nation offered him the opportunity to do so, he erred in his contradiction refusing to do the needy, preaching deceit with an empty stomach and head full of brain………………………the talk cheap…………………must go to the private sector like many of us and prove himself first, before coming back with his new baggage of competence to the Public sector, to input his added value so that we Nigerians, can see, not lurching always himself on us aim to bend and continue the bending of Nigerians and the Nigerian State.

Finally, with LAW the separation of Religion and Politic from the affair of Nigeria or if impossible there is nothing bad to go for the simple and purely dissolution of a useless giants of Africa.