Oh! My folks Let’s not be bluffing ourselves, time in times out in Yoruba land with the hopes of tomorrow, that will be enchanting.
I encrypting all the possibility ‘s and reel danger of IGBO ethnic group playing the hold-up brides of our Political Freedom in Yoruba land, purchased and sold by so many emptiness head of Yoruba with bag of Naira land offered, like a reel near time bomb, in the future very close to call-a problem not unimaginable but some naive inconsiderate Yorubas, had been selling of our Fathers land.
I have stopped to looked at issue and view it in an objectives way with people who lack the inner principle to expressed and hold grip to synthesis without going to consult the mirror in a ” BABALAWO or PASTORS” shrine, as a mark of the en- seriousness of the entire Yoruba ethnic nationality.
To be wiry and worry about my place of birth belong, I need to or we need to take a pro-active measure we Yorubas , who can still see without necessarily taking arm or expressing this restoration, will and desire without hatred. But a necessary recall of those who are unlawfully willing away against the common and general interest of the future of Yoruba land, call “OMO ONI ILE” to put a stop to the en-candid messing up and unwise action against self.
The Rationality, is already unfolded and known even by a small Yoruba boy or girl in the Village, for any of stakeholders, Elders, Politicians and Political appointees to say they ignore the exactitude of the no more hiding agenda to lawfully appropriate that which still make me and you expressed our living linguistic with same ascent of the South-Western Ibadan, Oyo and Lagos, and foresee in a nearer future a distortion base on fact on ground and some disparates coming from my own East-Western ascent of Yoruba inland, taking hold and root from mother and father land in Ondo-State, a trait and possible felony against the will of the balkanization of Yoruba and Oodua Nation.
This unfriendly, will in sort be very deadly, if the gatherings of our still proclaimed standard “GOBI” mark, are usurped from the inner by voices irrelevant to Yoruba affirmative action of a “TRUE-FEDERALISM” comes to our rang and film to blow their trumpeted distortion with the Brits flames of hide and disgust agenda to confuse at the appropriate time.
Mark my words we still have some reserve, but this is the time, to act and preserve the “perennisation” of our future destine and freedom with no blemish whatever, tomorrow may be to late.


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