Don’t drink “WINE” for drinking sake. Drink because you have class to drink WINE.

Bide 2014 to Welcome 2015 with Millésima French WINE.A way for a Better unforgettable December 2014 to welcome 2015. Go Millésima with French WINE, that Bless and Refresh.
Découvrez les Trésors qui se cachent dans les Chais de Millésima à Bordeaux




First Lady First Lady Nigeria want you for helping.

This is a call to all Nigerians, both HOME grown and in the Diaspora, for a full disco dancing soul train. Shekelwe, Pakurumo and Dorobucci at the festival in favour of the Sicks, Mad Politicians in Nigeria and Boko-Haram.

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 – Rise (Official Video) @RealSeunKuti

The hunger suffering in our cities, is a viral diseases that continue to go streaming in Nigeria. And as our politicians skimmed issue and played with the lives of the people, when he was elected by the people tackle it, to find how to solve them, he rather create more of it, without any keen interest, except of personal option. It is not a curse but “EBI” the syndrome, that has always been part of Nigeria cutting edge politic.
Nice one Seun Kuti.


Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 – Rise (Official Video) @RealSeunKuti

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