If we continue this way;

In a maddened state of terror, parents and whole villages, city and state or the entire region, turn on their childs. ….. Incidentally, they were the one that started the condescension, and ….. May the people who carry out this sick practise, rot in hell and that their ni ni neither any of the negotiation that will lead Nigeria to restructured this incurable corrupt sick Nation with a confused entity …no wise that make wise a decision without compromise all is negotiable in Nigeria including dissolution.

None among us, at least sensible Nigerians, that is saying Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, should not go because of his incompetency. Yes the diagnostic we all made and it is right. Like this we can right the wrong of our amalgamation of 1914. But what we are saying is that we should not call for change and changing sake, while some under the carpet wagging, along to call back the past that was not enchanting to bring it back. We say forward ever and backward no- to continue the same that has failed us.

Change, is when we put all issue on the table and chat a new deal with Nigerians , that is what change entails.Change can not be to painted the wall that are breaking with hole all over, without first plastering and replaced the old weak bricks with concrete new cement or bricks, if not the wall will not hold on a good foundation and refurbishment, it will soon be back to it former state of palliatives support.

Change , which consisted just to replaced Goodluck E. Jonathan with Muhammadu BUHARI and continue like before; when that “MAL or BAD” is still there. And what are these BAD, the natural physical corruption of nature in the Nigerian states; those stems of 100 year of the NORTH,; administration flaw of Nigeria lying to the rest of us, with fake figure in the geographical occupation of Nigeria soil with human souls.

The realities of the real Nigerian Population demographic, must be one the first reform of Change and be permanent; consistent and continue viable and exact of the picture of the Nigerian Federation. This human head corruption,must be discourse our exact population must be known, starting from there. This is where corruption take it source and I had never heard my party the APC , which I belong taking action to correct this aberrant despite the BUHARI, GOD giving revelation what a mistake of intellectual laziness and cowardliness of the Nigerian federation .

Another area, that is very important, and of high voltage and volatile, which is questionable; is the domaine of equality of all men born of women to be regarded as same, since the day some can take arms, knives to kill one anothers, must also be able to take the pen and pencilled to pass exams and go to school to study like the rest of Nigerians, to hope dreaming to seat in the highest office of gratification and retribution……like the one we having now a fake affidavit of certificates, which the common required to be eligible that Muhammadu BUHARI, was unable to produced because he had no one. Instead, deliberately, wish the Nigerian State created for him a special lAW of derogation to do the contrary of the LAW of Equity. of all Nigerians, as regard capacities and competence to be consider equal of men and regarded as same; with same value, not a kind of strange privilege giving to one lazy people who did not abhorred self progress, born of the candle and sacrifice like all rest of Nigerians, to acquire same knowledge available to us all in an equal competing society.

Also and should be now, with the BUHARI, brouhaha sage, to do away with a failed administrative policies that is drifting we Nigerians, backward and install a competitives environment equal to all valid and psychical men, by doing away with the QUOTA SYSTEM and FEDERAL CHARACTER, that mined our societies with corruption and make Nigerians to become unhealthy……………………..ask if by so doing that will make Muhammadu BUHARI, to be honest man.? A man that the Nigerian state had shown more than been generous to but failed also to render same because he’s born and bred dullard to compete and be tasty to acquire education and qualification through the legal required mean.

Then we can continue later to examine how we can use our resources natural and human, to an equitable sharing and giving some advantage to those that work, land that produce and adopt a sharing formula that will also help those area of less advantage naturally etc.

We can not continue this way to recycling failure and failed Almajiri education Policy, in our approach to compete as nation with others in this 21st century equation of development, where a man without Primary school leaving certificate will find himself as Chairman director general of one of our first class corporation not the least the one that requires expertise of both teaching and practical basic work, giving orders and directives of management to million of Nigerians , who are overqualified, from some of the best institution in Nigeria and around the world. While we fold our hand and look and see how the same system had failed us. While some few born lazy do nothing beside taking the GUNS, the like of OBJ, IBB and Bola Ahmed TINUBU, forcing on us to accept their preference and telling us they’re unable to find even among the NORTHERNERS a man better than BUHARI or in the entire Nigeria, just because of the syndrome'(syndrome of stockholm), of born-to-rule poison of the NORTH.

To hell to the heads, that will roll and must roll to change Nigeria, if a retreat is not envision by APC, from the cancer that had mined us since our force marriage in 1914 and deliberately continue to because of men like Gen. Muhammadu BUHARI, incapacitation to be man; when the nation offered him the opportunity to do so, he erred in his contradiction refusing to do the needy, preaching deceit with an empty stomach and head full of brain………………………the talk cheap…………………must go to the private sector like many of us and prove himself first, before coming back with his new baggage of competence to the Public sector, to input his added value so that we Nigerians, can see, not lurching always himself on us aim to bend and continue the bending of Nigerians and the Nigerian State.

Finally, with LAW the separation of Religion and Politic from the affair of Nigeria or if impossible there is nothing bad to go for the simple and purely dissolution of a useless giants of Africa.



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The BUHARI, certificates saga is the the side effect of the Quota System and the Federal Character result.

The result of a demotivated generalization of a confused central government working policy, that is even more than nefast, of the effect of a unitary concentration of power in a communist system of government and a type of administration.

The Multicultural nature of Nigeria and the Nigerian states can only strive for the better in a society that allow people to compete with one another equally, without torpid the system to benefit one party of the country as against another. The result in such case will be a drawback of quality and efficiency and also the one that will encourage corruption.

 QUOTA SYSTEM AND FEDERAL CHARACTER HAD OVER-BEARING IT USEFULNESS. Whether our Yoruba intellects and Political Leaders, will like to hear this or not. The time has comes naturally to wash away this SIN that some few allow all Nigerians to shoulder while GOD who knows us before we were born is preparing his spiritual and mystery in our mother womb and born us equal as men is doing His job to good.

And on getting to the Earth some people change that order and nature to a strange commitment for men to stand up like men and face the issue that matter for same to be useful and upright in our standing. But they prefer, not to do the work and sacrifice now living like wheat a worthless shepherd that fall apart because they can never sow good seed born inferior to others Nigerians, therefore, willful making all to us share portion from heavenly bad portion of SIN which they refuse to atone for.

I refused to be held in perpetual sin and hostage of the NORTH inferiority GODLY, complex disposition on Earth. If they continue to refuse sacrifice and planted good seed to receive good fruit at harvest like other Nigerians, y doing the good job in life is their own problem to do the work, life is all about human competing with one another.

Not inflicting hardship while some benefit on-with an earthly advantage that will keep on dragging others back and backward. No good principle can be behind a QUOTA System or a Federal Character, that did not include competence and qualification the good qualification with capacity can help to infused any good to a good administration…………………………………who else here can go to Harvard, Cambridge or Oxford, Ife, Ibadan, Lagos, Zaria, Nsukka, Benin, Paris, Germany or elsewhere on the planet, in quest for knowledge etc; and come back to be inferior to a less than a Primary school holder, as Chairman in one of the major Nigerian corporation and be happy to do the good job there.?

All has been bend and bending from time immemorial and such system can not work it will breed corruption. The whole structure, with which it was built must be totally uprooted for us to find our feet in this country. Please excuse us the apology of going to see if the system is working or not…… is not working we can see and see clearly. It is the robbing shoulder of the worst result.

By this Muhammadu BUHARI, wahala, we had shown ourselves, the limit of the system and portray Buhari himself as a beneficiary of a corrupt system policy, therefore making BUHRI to be corrupted. Buhari , is corrupt man issue of corruption and in a corrupt society………………the notion that we should go to the poll is now CADUC and render useless , a new paradigm must be find to change the whole of the structure that we had in Nigeria before any election.

We either return to the Past that work for us in the old Western Region, now the South-West Yoruba of Nigeria, by going for the déconcentration of the center with a total devolution of Power to Regional Autonomous State as we have immediately after independence or face with the dissolution of the Nigeria state along our respectives ethnic geographical tribal natural boundaries.

All in Nigeria , must be and is Negotiable. We either go for the New deal and Chat a New Prosperous Nigeria or face another arm of WAR struggle with ourselves.

MUST I AND YOU BE ALWAYS FORGIVEN-stand one generation Nigerians

MUST I AND YOU BE ALWAYS FORGIVEN-stand one generation Nigerians.

MUST I AND YOU BE ALWAYS FORGIVEN-stand one generation Nigerians


We Can’t Verify Results Without Buhari’s Permission –UK Varsity

The University Of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES), now known as Cambridge Assessment, in response to requests to prove the authenticity of the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Major General Muhammadu Buhari’s exam certificate, has said on Friday that it will not be able to do so.

In a statement made available on its website, the institution said, “We can only confirm or verify results at the direct request of or with the permission of a candidate.”

“This is in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.”

The organisation also confirmed that according to the Regulations for 1961, African Language papers, including those for Hausa were set for the West African School Certificate.

Established over 150 years ago, Cambridge Assessment operates and manages the university’s three exam boards and carries out leading-edge academic and operational research on assessment in education.

Copyright PUNCH.


NOw, that all the criminals and criminalized Nigeria’s leaders alive has gathered in one Political Room, even if Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, is the most shoeless and clueless of them. It is obvious that my and our generation, should have no choice and hold it as a duty to make sure that , the like of OBASANJO, BABANGIDA and BUHARI, no more play with our future, now that all the core spoilers are together, we must ensure that they eat the grass at the democratic polling booth.

For a new generation and change to come, out we must push all the irrelevant profligacy of the Nigerian Reckless and wasteful of resources and development. This is a generational WAR and our stand and ideology will be to confronted those that have expressly brought us to this hardship and confused state of mind and backwardness We must engaged the entire society, ensure we get these cooked crook to book and judge their policy, that set us against leaders of our past noble cause; like late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Late Obafemi Awolowo etc and have hand in the underdevelopment of Nigeria.

Must we continue to clinged on people like OBJ, IBB and GMB, to right their wrong or as a generations, that had saw and are seeing how policy, innovation, justice, patriotism, equity, freedom, equality, love, human and natural resources are combined to power a nation development, with leaders that are committed to sacrifice personal position for nation to emerge in this planet and continue to do the right thing positively despite, crises here and there, yet must we turn ourselves and looking back to all the failed personality parading themselves as leaders.? The answer here, is NO, what moral value in the midst of nation has a Muhammadu BUHARI, picture or presence will do for Nigeria and Nigerians, if by the 14th of February 2015, what we have and telling the entire global world was that Nigeria, is not capable to look beyond the direction of failed elders and statesmen, that lied to us and continue to lie.? In what kind of religion do we tolerate the act of forgery, perjury or has ever see one day M. BUHARI, even tender any apology to the Nation and Nigerians?, for his nasty behaviour and image that he is giving Nigeria and Nigerians, both home and abroad. Who else can swallow and shoulder such rubbish and untamed cursed born of I-must -rule syndrome; if not a Fulani/Hausa man.? Where is the pride of Nigeria and it personality in this “roforofo-wayorism’ brouhaha, that we have engaged the whole root foundation of the nation, and the place of history in all this…………….lest I forget, I know as I’m writing that history is no more in the curriculum of college and high school syllabus in Nigeria, we can now see all this unhealthy disguised policies atroce, is a deliberate attempt to render people, not to query the past and those that are responsible. Because, history is the memory of the past and rope or conductor that drive the past knowledge into our brain, and the only mean by which we can argumented the past is to engaged the nation to know it memory be it negative or positive, so that we can learn from it and never should it be the yoke. Are we as Nigerians?, not doing the contrary, refusing to yield, instead continue in same direction, even with more passion moving dangerously to the wall without having nor making effort to have a qualified men to show the boat of Nigeria, how it can be driving into the future with direction, and more of assurance than a depletion to perdition.?

Today, we seems not to minding in Nigeria, as we stood on a fallen tree trunk and looked, unable to see over our shoulder and the beyond what tomorrow will be. To me; it seem we have liken to that objects with lifeless breath. Though, still hoping from where cometh the fresh that will breath again through the nostrils, life to regain a new souls. Can we really blamed ourselves for the stand and looking scenarios, it is our new value of the born again believing system of the new Nigeria and Nigerians, but we have failed to query ourselves, to know and understand are animals after death, born back to it physical world the second time( from the study and understanding of reincarnation it was not so ),………………………..with knowledge of his first past.?………Just a little celestial theology of the mystery of life will do us some good. Men we are do not live more than once.

It is TIME we stand for new Nigeria or Never, better shut up forever for a no more Nigeria at the end. We have a choice and the choice is now.

M. BUHARI AND THE NIGERIAN, born to rule lazy Mentality.


M. BUHARI, The born lazy Mentality of Administrative Policy Connivance of the Nigerian States. The Quota-Education System.

The highest of human transgression. Be it in mainstream society or Religion inclined society……….the absence of competition is the autobiography of the sickness and the incurable of the Nigeria states.

The Buhari, wind of Change and credibility is the Hazard of the Nigerian democracy and the Nigerian states, class of management and administrators of policy and the general connivance of a fail system born out of North QUOTA system and the NORTH general laziness trauma, they infused into the rest of Nigerians, a tribal race with human DNA, of incapacitation-manifest, to grow at a very high level of human competition.
Education, is about capacity and the envious struggle to compete with one another…………… this area the NORTH is the most backward zone with their feudal way of thinking. And here, we can commend the IGBO-from the South-East, that has been showing a formidable-resistance of a class apart on how competition and the fight to excellency is born of such trip and effort. While the entire NORTH, clearly informed the Nigerian, society that they are heavenly disadvantage and allegic to humans competition and struggle with the rest of Nigerians, it is a system born of stigma and of general connivance or collision that blindly flaunt the goose though, that gave birth, to such characters like Muhammadu BUHARI, from the NORTH, to deliberately LIED and flaw the system with condition of connivance or collision.

That was dangerously, carved and put in place to set us back and undermining the unity and development of Nigeria. Let us take a look rapidly, to all the Political Party that Muhammadu BUHARI, was the leader and how did this Party, implement the BUHARI, ideology, from here we can see the different and the possible capacity of Buhari, able to rule Nigeria, via the various states, that they’re entrusted to governed and manage, it resources both human and nature. What is their difference in term inputs and outputs, of party like the ANPP and CNPP, in achievement in states the party control.? and compares this party with what the ACTION GROUP (AG) and UPN ( Unity Party of Nigeria) of the former late Yoruba icon Leadership Chief Obafemi AWOLOWO, an opposition party was able to achieved and remain relatively popular till date and see if Muhammadu BUHARI, even possess any of the credibility quality to be a simple Chairman of the DAURI Local government council in KATSINA State; under such party like the AG and UPN, talking-less of dreaming to be democratically elected and come to lead Nigeria.?
What was BUHARI, blueprint ideology implication and contribution, to on those, Political platform Party and how do they fearing in term of Policy driving on political and economical growth in the states; they have control over?……………………this will enable us to see, if BUHARI, is credible to rule Nigeria or not. This is the credits that we should gave BUHARI, not the requirement of his condition via his certificates or military training. Buhari, is a failure and a failed man, in all capacity and in term of leadership, that he produced and demonstrated in those Party, that he flaunted. His inclined principle and ideological are mind deficit. Muhammadu BUHARI, in all his attitude with ‘TIMES’, always abandoned the Navire-Boat, never lay foundation nor constructed anything constructives. There is no need wagging a corrupt mindlessness characters, like BUHARI, his incapacitation is manifest of his constant change of alliance just to paint his intellectual lackness and laziness to govern and rule Nigeria.
As Nigerians, where a lots of us, has been exposed to see, and study society. We need to be very critic, toward such weak leaders, that never built on the basic principle nor lay foundation, that is born out ideology and the necessity to lead- by example of philosophy and principle of human mind. Muhammadu BUHARI, certificates or nor certificates, the man is unfit and not ripped enough to rule Nigeria, I will come to this later, in a more comparative observation, that I’m trying to jot down and put together on BUHARI.

The origin of the Nigeria, Buhari, brouhaha, is the mal- of backward sickness passed by the radical on going blabla of certificates and human competence and capacity to rule himself in Nigeria.

The cry of the fools rejoicing.

IMG_4293 (1)

IBB Endorses Muhammadu Buhari For President

The shocking revelation comes two weeks after President Goodluck Jonathan, the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, visited the former leader in his home in Minna, and called IBB his “father.”,

with details today suggest that former military president Ibrahim Bademasi Babangida has endorsed the presidential candidature of Muhammadu Buhari, the All Progressives Congress candidate.

#NigeriaDecides: Buhari meets with IBB

The cry of the fools rejoicing.


I now know, that a lots of Nigerians intellectuals actually are the inglorious missives of the Nigerian states. They don’t know how to discourse national and nation issue this is why I can see here, people rejoicing because the like of Obasanjo and Babangida endorsed the like of M. Buhari.

Oh Merciful GOD our sufferings, will ever goes on and on. Those who knows less, understand better the use of Power. Don’t just let us be blaming Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the mammoth failure curse is on the entire class of educated Nigerians.



The envy to go for the “BIG” crooking pile of  Amber Rose.

Some of you folks and I love the gros booty. Expecially, when it is spread near the balcon !………….and au daible of the public interest.

Who can say No that he is not interested……………..? spread and spreading the truth!