We didn’t say he should not contest.. But just let HIM show us then C. It is the National requirement by LAW of Nigeria that you want to rule over by Law.

Or How Far Folks!.


BUHARI, awful taller image characters, negate the positivism of natural growth. Because of it proportion to generates a falsification of the real and puzzle, that guarantee false discussion of the truth.

One deplorable trait issue of character about taller person, is it linking to a psychological figure of an abnormal height, is when they’re dependable on others by absolutism afferent to function before taking decision on their own.

The figure receptor is always croix of several stressed and stern disposition. He’s often pejorative unfriendly. Like the Hausa/Fulani, attitude is spurred into a character of which he can be recognized. They all the time cow into an insensitive opposition of weak supernatural like Alibaba in the Aladdin.

Apparently, it is a source of an afferent dependable on others absolutism characters , that ensure no knowledge of pragmatism nor realism of philosophy ( no conscious experience without interference; reflection), or this man has non, nor has he ever edited any, here lies most of the Nigeria of today leadership deficit. I know this values should be taught in character education?, they’re are the idealism, realism and sometimes we can call it experientialism and to those who are aware of it importance to self-control, the simple degree of existentialism. Do a man, that dog the procedural, idealist, but gentlemanly, lack in reference for the respect of conformism to the rule of it moral realist, be able to perform the magic.? The answer is always no and capital no. Be ideally, able to pretend to position himself to be savoir than the creator. He will still be a failure. As he has no single esteem of self.

I doubt, and this is why I’ll always doubt Muhammadu BUHARI, capacities, to be an autodidact capable to be self sufficiently, arm to rule Nigeria.

He has no option of self knowledge and the diplomacy of explanation to discuss issue of capital wise. This deficit, can be traced to the Egyptians period of the reintroducing, of the practice of wisdom, as fundamental basis, from where the teaching of intelligence emerges with the predictable awful growth of the too depict tall in model of consencious evolution.

For me, politic is about the critics of the person animals and the society object of convoited privacy of the instrument of power.. Therefore ,the Forbuharist, should learn the act of playing it to the acceptable consensus of fair and free play. So, that we can avoid the history of all Meat Diet.

Goodluck, to ForBuharist, the factor of tall, that is without test nor tested. A player of possible random character of lotto game .